Who Is Mark Small From Elmont? Suspect Arrested In Mariel Estevez Murder


Arrest made in murder of 39 years old woman in Mineola apartment: Mark Small is in the police custody ( Source : En )

Mark Small, who allegedly shot and killed a Mineola lady, Marivel Estevez, over the weekend, has been detained by authorities.

Who Is Mark Small From Elmont? Mariel Estevez Shooting & Murder

Mark Small is now on the top of the news headline after gunshot death to a lady. 

His whereabouts and origin are unknown and will be updated soon after we fetch enough information about the same. 

Mark Small is detained for Mineola woman gunshot death ( Source : Patch )

According to the police, the suspect is now in police custody with second-degree murder and second-degree criminal possession of weapon charges.

An arrest was made in Mineola on a murder charge. Authorities have arrested a man suspected of a woman's fatal shot over the weekend.

According to the authorities, a man has been arrested on the accusation of the shooting of a Mineola woman, 39, according to the sources. Her identity is yet to be revealed by the police.

On Saturday, Nassau Country police found the woman dead with apparent gunshot wounds at a Mineola apartment. 

The murder of Marivel Estevez, 39, was allegedly committed by Mark E. Small of Elmont, based on a statement made public by Nassau County police on Tuesday. He is accused of second-degree murder as well as second-degree criminal weapon possession.

Officers discovered her corpse on Saturday after being called to a wellness check at 140 Old Country Rd. It's not immediately apparent whether or not Small and Estevez knew one another.

A press conference by the police is scheduled for Wednesday morning for further investigation into the case. 

The Mineola police called for whoever with information related to the case can inform the police at 911 or Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS. Every caller will remain unidentified.

The man in cop custody for the gunshot death of a woman is 55 years old. News reporters have reported this age.  The biopic information of the suspect is not disclosed yet. as this is a developing story, we will update this section soon. 

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