Who Is Maris Rowland? Carson Rowland Married His Sweetheart Girlfriend In A Young Age


Carson Rowland with his wife Maris Kenny Rowland ( Source : Biographymask )

Maris Rowland is in a marital knot with Carson Rowland, a well-known American actor, model, singer, and internet personality who gained the most notoriety from his performance as Cole Reyes in the 'I am Frankie' series.

Carson Rowland is mainly known for his role in Sweet Magnolias, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, American Housewife, and last but not the least, 'I Am Frankie'.

Meet Carson Rowland's Wife Maris Rowland

The couple first met at Florida Atlantic University in 2019, and the sparks between them flew right off the bat. Kenny went public with her relationship with Carson on December 23, 2019, via Instagram.

However, her now husband went out with the news on September 8, 2019. 

After being together for less than 2 years, Rowland finally decided to tie the knot with his University sweetheart, Maris Kenny. During the mid-July of 2021, the couple scheduled a return to South Florida where the renowned Actor had planned a supposed boat dinner for a family friend. 

Carson Rowland purposing his then-long time girlfriend Maris Kenny Rowland on July 11, 2021 ( Source : Instagram )

Little did Kenny know, her then-longtime boyfriend was going to purpose her in a boat with string lights, rose petals, and candles all around. The pair got engaged on July 21, 2021, and wedded on October 16 of the same year. They have been in a relationship ever since. 

Who Is Maris Rowland & What Does She Do?

There hasn't been much information on Carson Rowland's Wife Maris. However, according to our LinkedIn findings, Carson's wifey is a recent graduate of the University of Florida where got her degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a specialization in Exercise Science.

Just like Carson, Maris is an educated, talented, and smart individual from the millennial generation. On her LinkedIn profile, Maris also mentioned that she is passionate about the world of health, wellness, and fitness.

Carson's spouse is currently working as a Referral Coordinator for Boca General Family Medicine which is based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Furthermore, she has worked as an Assistant Trainer, interned as Student Athletic Trainer, and as an undergraduate research assistant in Applied Neuromechanics Lab, all in Florida.

Get To Know Carson Rowland's Family & Net Worth

Charming actor, Rowland was born on November 3, 1997, to his parents William and Lori Anne Rowland. Florida native, Carson's father owns a small business in Boca Raton, Florida. 

On the other hand, Lori takes care of her children and home. Carson follows Christianity, belongs to a white-ethnic group, and Scorpio is his zodiac sign.

Carson Rowland with his father William, mother Lori, brother Connor, and twin sisters, Catherine & Carolynn ( Source : Newsunzip )

Furthermore, Carson grew up with three siblings with whom he shares a strong bond. Carson's hobby involves playing baseball with his big brother, Connor Rowland. Apart from this, he loves fishing and being in front of the camera.

Carson has twin sisters named Catherine Rowland and Carolynn Rowland. According to Forbes & Business Insider, the 24-year-old actor has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million.

Carson Rowland Academic Career

Carson attended Calvary Christian Academy and later graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience with a 4.0 GPA.

Putting aside his filmy looks and attractive body posture, Carson was good with his academics while at school or at his university. Not to mention, three times award winner has served as a political intern for the US House of Representatives.

During 2018-19, he was an Organic Chemistry tutor and also worked as a project manager of organic side LLC company for 8 months.

Maris Rowland's Husband's Acting Gigs

Nonetheless, Carson always had a passion for acting, so while he was at his university, he joined several acting sessions. As a result, in 2015 Maris Rowland's spouse was able to land his first acting gig with the web series Tweet: The Series' where he performed as 'Riely Sturgis'. From then on to this day, the young actor has played in 17 movies and shows. 

After his first gig, the singer-songwriter starred in Nickelodeon's 'I Am Frankie' which extended for two seasons. In addition, he also appeared as a guest in a few ABC sitcom 'American Housewife' episodes.

Hazel-colored-eyed, Carson's fame started to blow up gaining him a huge fan base and recognition worldwide. As far as his health is concerned, the guy adheres to a strict diet plan and looks fit as a fiddle. Carson Rowland currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his loving wife Maris Kenny Rowland.

Carson Rowland with his co-star Taylor Castro for the thriller movie 'Dream Killer', click to play ( Source : Youtube )

Apart from his acting and academic talent, Carson is also into music. In 2019, while the actor was shooting for the thriller movie 'Dream Killer, he met up with Taylor Castro(co-star) with whom he produced five songs.

Pretty Little Lies: Original Sin - Let's Talk About That, Shall We?

Carson Rowland who plays Chip in 'Pretty Little Lies: Original Sin' appears as a legitimate guy who has some serious affection for Tabby.

Tabby with Chip in Canteen Hall in Pretty Little Liar Original Scene ( Source : Elitedaily )

Rowland is a new face on 'PLL: Original Sin', without a doubt he'll earn his spotlight in the show. Though he's playing a completely opposite character as opposed to his role as popular jock Ty in 'Sweet Magnolias'.

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