Who Is Marianne Levine From Politico and Is She Married With A Husband?


Marianne LeVine is a political reporter for POLITICO ( Source : Theeverygirl )

Marianne Levine, 30, is a political reporter for Politico and mostly stays in the limelight for her coverage of domestic and labor law violations. 

She has a Stanford degree and shines in the political area of journalism, where she behaves wisely.

Who Is Marianne Levine From Politico? Her Wiki Bio

Marianne LeVine is a prowess American journalist based in Washington, D.C. She works as a reporter at POLITICO, where her primary coverage is lobbying and influencing.

She holds an American nationality and belongs to the white or Caucasian ethnicity. She stands at astounding height and looks charming in her black hair and brown eyes. 

The vivacious activist and speaker graduated from Stanford University(2009-2014) with a bachelor's degree in international relations and French. She, moreover, gained a master's degree in communication and media studies from Stanford in 2014. 

LeVine interned at the Washington, D.C., bureau of the Los Angeles Times before joining POLITICO. 

She has written about workplace overtime pay regulations, retirement tips, and occupational health and safety for POLITICO Pro. The journalist has been working here for more than seven years. 

The journalist has also worked as a reporter in Peninsula Press from September 2013 to Jun 2014. According to her LinkedIn, she has marked her interests in POLITICO and The Hub Project.

She played a significant role in the discussion surrounding President Donald Trump's initial labor secretary nominee Andrew Puzder in 2016, which he finally withdrew due to claims of domestic abuse. The incident showed me the value of being persistent and inventive and the power of accountability journalism.

She mostly likes reporting on domestic abuse allegations and labor pressure about the construction works at the Trump D.C. hotel, where she was not getting paid properly.

Politico reporter stated in an interview that she aspires to become a full-time investigative reporter who examines the effects of governmental choices on citizens.

Being a journalist, she is very active on Twitter, with more than 26k followers. She constantly updates her fans with hot and headed news via her Twitter. The famed reporter doesn't seem to have an Instagram account as she keeps busy with her work. 

What is the net worth of Marianne Levine?

The 30-year-old journalist is doing great in her career as she is a thorough researcher. Marianne Levine's exact net worth is not available right now, but the activist has amassed a considerable fortune as she has a long career as a reporter for POLITICO. 

She once revealed in an interview that she has just paid $60,000 as income tax, which indicates her high incomings. She also pays great attention to the high-income tax imposed by the government. 

According to galssdoor.com, a reporter for POLITICO gets an average pay scale of $51,753 a year, which is still lower than the average Politico salary of $56,753 per year in the U.S. 

Marianne's path illustrates the value of putting in effort and the magic that results from the relentless pursuit of your goals, starting with how she got her first job as an intern in a newsroom and ending with how she got her present position as a POLITICO writer in Washington, D.C.

Is Marianne Levine married? Meet Her Husband

The congressional reporter seems very busy in her professional life, and she often doesn't have an Instagram account, a place that reveals everyone's personal life. 

At this moment, the adept journalist seems to be leading a single life, and her marriage confirmation is not made yet, as no Internet sites have caught her relationship status. She indeed never rumored her love relationships in the media. 

In her interview, she never mentions her personal life, from her parents and siblings to her marital life. As she turns 30, people speculate about her marriage, but no real news about this has come out. The article will update the section after getting enough information about the topic. 


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