Who Is Lance McCutcheon? Wikipedia Bio Age Parents & Instagram

Lance McCutcheon, an American football player. ( Source : Instagram )

Lance McCutcheon is an American professional football player playing for Montana State Bobcats. 

McCutcheon is a very talented football player who is also a jump-ball specialist. He has played sports throughout his childhood, and always wanted to become a professional football player.

Even though Lance is yet to get drafted, he plays with Montana State Bobcats in college. His performance has gotten the attention of many.

How Old Is Lance McCutcheon? His Biography Explored

Lance is 23 years old. He is in college playing for the Montana State Bobcats. He is a very talented football player, and his physique is an advantage.

Lance McCutcheon during one of his matches. ( Source : Instagram )

He has very long arms, and they have a wide reach, which helps him during his games. He excels at winning contested receptions, taking most of the 50/50 balls that come his way.

McCutcheon is bigger compared to other players. This helps him to outmuscle other players and defend his position well. Since childhood, Lance was very athletic.

With a little improvement, Lance can be one of the most talented football players ever. Right now, McCutcheon is struggling with his speed. He is amazing at body catching, but his hands are not so consistent. If Lance can t cons into his pros and can work on his downsides, he will become unstoppable. 

Who Are Lance McCutcheon Parents?

Lance's mother's name is Katie Brooks. However, he has never really opened up about his father, so there is not much information regarding his father.

His mother has always been his role model. Brooks moved from Illinois with her two sons, hoping to provide for them better and get a better education. She did not want to return and had made up her mind that she was gonna give her two sons a better life.

Even though Katie did not have definite plans for her sons, she wanted to be able to put them in a position where they could pursue their own life goals and chase after them.

Brooks worked two jobs which were 15 hours a day, to support her two sons. Lance will forever be grateful to his mom for how much she has done for him. He wants to make her proud and wants to provide for her now. He is very close to his brother and mother and often spends time with them.

Lance vowed to strive to never be upset with his mother for whatever reason when Brooks prepared them dinner every night after work and spent time with the kids. Every moment he spent with her was precious to him.

Meet Lance McCutcheon On Instagram

Lance's Instagram handle goes under @lancemccutcheon. He has 5.4k followers on his Instagram account while only following about 800 people back.

He is active on his Instagram account, with 59 posts. Most of his posts consist of his pictures during his games and his training.

McCutcheon also appears to be a nature lover and often posts pictures with his friends going on walks and exploring different areas. He is also very active in the story section of Instagram which lasts for 24 hours.


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