Who Is Kiley Crisp With Williams Syndrome? Sister Ashley Crisp's Video Is Now Viral On The Social Media

Kiley Crisp ( Source : Twitter )

Kiley Crisp is a teenager who is suffering from Williams Syndrome and has issues making friends who are her age. 

To celebrate turning 15, Kiley went out to supper with her family at Teddy Jack's Hub City Grill. There, she was surprised by her pals. The girls, who are three hours away, daily contact Kiley and "make her feel very loved. 

Who Is Kiley Crisp With Williams Syndrome? 

Kiley Crisp is a teenager who has Williams Syndrome. It is prenatal and postnatal growth retardation, small stature, different degrees of mental impairment, and unusual facial traits that usually become more obvious with maturity are all characteristics of this uncommon genetic condition.

In 2020, a news said that a kid who has "problems making friends" was surprised by her far-flung campmates while she was in Lubbock, Texas, for her birthday. Ashley Crisp tweeted a video of the moment her Williams syndrome-afflicted sister Kiley met up with two friends she had made at church camp the previous summer.

The tweet said, "My sister Kiley has Williams Syndrome & sometimes has trouble making friends her age. She met the most amazing girls @ church camp last summer; the problem is they live 3 hours away. They call her every day & make her feel so loved. Today they surprised her for her 15th birthday" It is still pinned on her account. 

After this, everyone has been curious to get to know their recent updates. She is available on Instagram under the username @kileycrisp. Her bio says that she is 17 years old and graduated from Yorktown High in 2021. 

Kiley Crisp's Sister Ashley Crisp  

Ashley is the older sister of Kiley Crisp. She loves her immensely and does not leave a chance to make her feel special. You can find her on Twitter under the username @@ashleyy_crisp. Texas Tech University student, she was born on May 27. 


However, when it comes to the sister's whereabouts, you cannot track their current activities. Kiley was last active on her Instagram on 2020, and since then, she cannot be found anywhere on the web. 

Similarly, Ashley retweets stuff on her Twitter rather than tweeting it herself. Her last Twitter activity was on the 15th of August. She tweeted All things spooky tweet that says, "IM READY" It is a picture of orange cookies and scenery.


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