Who Is Kevin Rinke Wife? Michigan Primary Candidate and His Personal Life Details


In the vein of former President Donald Trump, Kevin Rinke is positioning himself as a "outsider" businessman who can produce results. ( Source : Bridgemi )

Kevin Rinke is a Republican with experience in the automobile sector and a strong candidate for governor of Michigan. The Republican, Kevin, is campaigning on the issues of business, elections, and education. In the 2022 election, businessman Kevin Rinke is vying for governor.

On August 2nd, the GOP candidate will compete against Ryan Kelley, Garrett Soldano, Tudor Dixon, and Ralph Rembrandt. Then, in the November election, the winner will face Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Who Is Kevin Rinke's Wife? His Children And Family Details

The businessman from Metro Detroit is married to his wife, Janine. 

Jannie and Kevin Rinke have been married for over 25 years. Katherine, Grant, and Amanda are the names of the couple's three kids. Adeline, Kevin's new grandchild, was just born. He claimed that his goal in the race for governor was to make Michigan better for her and other Michiganders.

Kevin Rinke with his wife Janine ( Source : Freep )

The Rinke family as a whole is renowned for operating successful car dealerships. His mother, Janice Skillman, and his father, Ronald John Rinke, gave birth to him. Kevin's brother perished in an aircraft accident. Elizabeth and Michael are his siblings.

Kevin's great-grandfather established the General Motors dealerships in Michigan nearly a century ago. Over time, the family company has expanded, and Rinke has acquired a reputation as one of the top executives.

Kevin Rinke As Michigan Governor: The Primary Continues

Kevin Rinke is a strong candidate for governor of Michigan. 

During the Morning Edition interview, Doug Tribou spoke with Rinke and four other contenders. He questioned the Republicans on the fundamental problems harming Michigan's economy and the changes he planned to make if elected.

The people of Michigan understand that a broad economic economy is necessary for a thriving state, Rinke said. But, unfortunately, under the direction of this particular governor, we've been losing inhabitants and companies.

Kevin Rinke is a conservative businessman and outsider. ( Source : Twitter )

The businessman said that Michigan citizens must foster an environment conducive to the state's current businesses. Additionally, individuals need to draw from sectors like cybersecurity and aerospace. Kevin also thinks that Michigan has to change its tax and regulatory structures to attract individuals.

Kevin Rinke's Net Worth

Kevin Rinke's net worth is estimated to be more than $10 million.

The lawmaker used his funds to run for governor, according to FOX 2 Detroit. The Michigan resident said his firm is performing well in a recent interview. 

Moreover, he loves Donald Trump's endorsement and agrees with his approach. Kevin intends to use the money to upgrade neighborhood routes and give residents of Michigan well-paying jobs. Similarly, he wants to eliminate the 4.25 percent personal income tax to give individuals back $12 billion, so they may spend it more wisely.

In Michigan, a vehicle dealership like Rinke's business will make around $43,644 annually by 2022. However, according to the Zip Recruiter's estimate, depending on the agreement, the income may exceed $127,704. In addition, Rinke has spent money on TV ads and other campaigns during his campaign to improve his standing.

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