Who Is Kensington Tillo On Tiktok? Her Boyfriend Grant Gaon and Video Controversy


Kensington Tillo's video related to her personal affair bullied by her followers. ( Source : instagram )

Kensington Tillo is an American female TikTok user and fashion model.

Tillo is a Instgaram star, tiktok senation and model from America. She has a huge fan following on her Tiktok, Instagram, and other social pages. The TikTok star posted gorgeous and attractive pictures. 

Who Is Kensington Tillo On Tiktok?

Kensington is active on Tiktok under username @Kensington and gathered 1.3 m followers as of August 2022. On the platform, she mostly shared the makeup tutorial and hairstyling. Tillo posted a video about setting boundaries to protect her peace and love.

Tillo posted a video on Tiktok where she is in vegas and preparing for getting ready to go out. The TikTok star shared the makeup idea, including different products essential to look stunning when going outside. 

Kensington Tillo, the American female TikTok user, having fun in an amusement park.
Kensington Tillo, the American female TikTok user, having fun in an amusement park. ( Source : instagram )

At the Rare Beauty event, singer SelenaGomez and Tillo were spotted together where Eyes Wide Open" is playing in the background in this TikTok posted by Kensington. Analyzing Tillo's profile, the TikTok star seemed to be fon on makeup and modeling. 

Moreover, Tillo gained lots of followers in a short period due to her captivating videos and pictures. She worked with a well-known brand in the market. On the Tiktok, she does not seem to appear with her family but with her friends and celebrity. 

Kensington Tillo Boyfriend Grant Gaon

People assume Grant Gaon is the boyfriend of the Tillo. Three days ago on Tiktok, Tillo shared the video where she included she was going to almost boyfriend's birthday party. She said she is not meeting her lover but their family and having dinner with them. 

Tillo used a lot of primers because she was going to the club. She is too nervous and excited at the moment. It is a big step for the TikTok star. In the first part, she said it was her boy, and then, in the second part, the social influencer mentioned him as almost a boyfriend party. 

Kensington Tillo spending time with a boy in North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Kensington Tillo spending time with a boy in North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii ( Source : instagram )

In part 3, Tillo concluded she was going to someone's birthday. However, people loved when she said these three different names in a separate section. Even TikTok shared that American actress Marilyn Monroe used to live in Tillo's apartment before. 

On May 22, 2022, Tillo made her first appearance with a boy on her Instagram with him in North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, aloha from the north shore. Even the Instagram influencer posted a love note emoji in the caption. Nonetheless, she has not tagged him in the picture. 

Danielle Cooper, TikTok named Danicooppss, has taken over the internet with her fitness and is best known for her curvy figure among her followers.

Kensington Tillo Recent Video Controversy 

Tillo shared the three parts of videos mentioning one person with different names, which created confusion among her fans. The three videos arose controversy. Tillo is setting boundaries because of her previous video.

Tillo posted a video, and she felt she should set some gaps from the people about her personal affair. She got lost in poor comments, but she had never found this much bullying in her comment section. 

Tillo knew she chose to share her life on the internet and felt close with her followers. It's not she is inviting people for their opinion or feedback on what she is doing. She went through a lot more than people thought about her. Even the social influencer fans have no idea, especially about relationships. 

Currently, Tilli is only surrounding herself with the best people. Ninety-five percent of the TikTok video is set in her room and shows the makeup work. She doesn't want to share her personal life for such reasons.


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