Who Is Kathy Kersh? Wikipedia Bio And Age Details Of The Actress


Kathy Kersh played Cornelia in The Joker's Provokers & The Impractical Joker. ( Source : instagram )

In The Joker's Provokers & The Impractical Joker, Kathy Kersh played the attractive woman hiding behind Cornelia.

Beginning her career in the 1960s, Kathy Kersh enjoyed remarkable success. Her most recognizable roles were Marian Billington on The Beverly Hillbillies and Cornelia on the Batman TV series.

Even though Kersh's career has slowed down lately, her performances have cemented her place in TV history. You can learn a lot about this star, whether you have always liked her or are just coming to know her work.

Who is Kathy Kersh? About Her Career 

For 12 years, Kathy Kersh had a successful career as an actress. She did, however, work as a model before.

From 1941 to 1964, Rheingold Beer ran an annual pageant-style competition where participants could 'elect' a woman to represent Rheingold in promotional activities. The victor would be dubbed "Miss Rheingold" and appear in national beer commercials.

In 1962, Kathy won the election. Just two years later, the competition was over. Although not much is known about her time in the music industry, we do know that she released the single "Hurt So Bad" in August 1967. "St. James Infirmary" is the vinyl's B-side tune.

Kathy Kersh in the frame
Kathy Kersh in the frame ( Source : twitter )

Burt Ward, her husband then, is named as a producer on the venture. In the 1960s and 1970s, Kersh was featured on the covers of various magazines, including The Sunday Star's January 1964 issue and U.S. Camera's August 1961 cover.

Gemini Affair, Kathy Kersh's final movie to date, came out in 1975. Marta Kristen co-stars in the film with Kersh. Both actors portray ambitious actresses whose hopes of breaking through are immediately dashed by Hollywood's seedy side.

The movie deals with issues like drug use, homosexuality, and exploitation. Despite the film's modest box office performance, it has gained considerable cult status.

Kathy Kersh Age- Is She Still Alive In 2022? 

On December 15, 1942, Kathy Kersh was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. She's alive and currently 80 years old.

People frequently refer to Los Angeles as their hometown in the entertainment industry. After all, the biggest stars in the business eventually settle in the City of Angels. However, hardly everyone can claim to have been born and raised in Los Angeles. The exception is Kathy.

People don't typically retire from acting as a career. Many celebrities relish being in front of the camera until their health prevents them from doing so. Kersh appears to have voluntarily left the entertainment business, nevertheless.

She made several TV appearances in the 1960s and 1970s, but since 1975, she hasn't been given credit for a role. When Martin Ransohoff, a producer, first encountered Kathy Kersh in the 1960s, he had high hopes for her.

He wanted to turn her into a big star, but he soon began to focus on Sharon Tate, who became one of her era's most well-known figures before passing away in 1969. Sharon Tate and Kersh were not fierce rivals, contrary to popular belief, and Kersh has warm memories of Tate.

Kathy Kersh Husband 

Kathy Kersh has had two marriages. Her first union, with fellow actor Vince Edwards, lasted just six months. The couple married for less than a year when their daughter, Devera Edwards, was born.

In 1965, Kersh filed for divorce, citing "mental suffering" as the reason. Her only kid is the daughter she had with Edwards, Kersh. With his second wife, actress Linda Foster, Edwards eventually had two additional daughters.

Kathy Kersh married Burt Ward aka Robin in Las Vegas
Kathy Kersh married Burt Ward aka Robin in Las Vegas ( Source : twitter )

Kersh remarried Burt Ward, who played the part of Robin, in 1965 following their divorce. They first connected on the Batman TV set, where Kersh was a guest star. After three months of dating, the pair got married. 

Sadly, neither of these marriages lasted very long. After getting hitched in 1967, the pair separated in 1969.

Kersh had multiple appearances on The Beverly Hillbillies, where she got to know Max Bae Jr., who played the role of Jethro and was one of the show's stars. The two briefly dated after they met. However, Kersh didn't appear to have much to say about it.


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