Who Is Katelyn Polantz From CNN? Facts You Did Not Know About The Journalist

CNN crime and justice reporter, Katelyn Polantz ( Source : Politico )

CNN reporter Katelyn Polantz has come under a lot of public attention after her recent statements about the Department of Justice needing to disclose the documents from Trump's search.

Katelyn has worked as a justice reporter for years. She updates the people on the January 6 hearings and the recent Trump search and seizure in his Florida residence regarding stolen documents.

Let us learn more about the reporter, her age, marital status, career, and the net worth of a CNN veteran reporter.

Who Is Katelyn Polantz From CNN?

Katelyn Polantz is a justice and crime reporter working for CNN in Washington, DC. She joined CNN in 2017 and has worked for the network for over four years.

The reporter primarily covers federal court actions and politically sensitive investigations, including the Justice Department, which includes the latest January 6 hearings.

Katelyn Polantz's appearance on CNN ( Source : Cdn )

Polantz made a name for herself as a CNN justice reporter covering the Mueller investigation against Trump during the impeachment proceedings against the former president of America.

The crime reporter graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor's in Art, majoring in English Literature, and has worked in the news industry for over 14 years.

She started her career as editor-in-chief for The Pitt News and soon started working as a reporter for various publications like the Roanoke Times and PBS Newshour.

Kate worked as a Business Law Reporter and Data Editor at ALM Media, LLC for over three years before joining CNN as a crime and justice reporter.

Age Of The CNN Reporter

Katelyn Polantz seems to be in her early thirties based on her appearance, and since she completed her bachelor's in 2009, she must be around 35 years of age in 2022.

She mentioned that she celebrated her birthday on March 13 and was born on Friday, the 13th one of her interviews.

Polantz started her career as a reporter in late 2009 after completing her college major in English literature in her early twenties.

Now, she is one of the renowned reporters on one of the biggest news portals in the world, CNN gaining world recognition for her articles.

Her big break was not too far from joining the news portal as she got to cover the Mueller Investigations. With Trump all over the news doing one suspicious thing after the other and getting himself in legal trouble, it was a massive break for the reporter.

Is She Married? Katelyn Polantz's Photographer Husband

Yes, the CNN reporter, Katelyn Polantz, is married to her husband, Jared Thomas Soares, a documentary and portrait photographer.

Polantz and Soares married on November 3, 2018, at the Heinz Memorial Chapel at the University of Pittsburgh, where a Roman Catholic priest performed the ceremony.

Katelyn Polantz and her husband, Jared Soares ( Source : Nytimes )

Her husband is a successful photographer, a graduate of the University of Kansas, who got featured in the New York Times, The Rolling Stone Magazine, and many more.

Most of Jared's work is based on community and identity in the style of long-form essays, which gets displayed in various art museums and galleries in America and London.

The reporter's husband is also the author of the book Days Before/Days After, which got published in 2018. Soares and Katelyn don't have any kids together as of yet.

Net Worth Of The Crime Reporter

Katelyn Polantz has an approximate net worth of around $1 million, working as a senior crime and justice reporter for CNN for over four years now.

The reporter's average estimated annual salary is more than $700000 since the journalist has been working in the journalism field for more than ten years now.

Her working period for her previous job at a law firm as a data editor and law reporter lasted for over three years before she shifted to the news portal, giving her a lot more exposure and experience.


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