Who is Kate Miller? Nicki Minaj assistant drama explained as rapper responds to wild allegations

 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is getting a lot of attention on social media after a woman named Kate Miller said she was the rapper’s former assistant and let all of her dirty laundry out in the open.

Since then, Miller has been criticized by Internet users for spreading false information, and it is thought that she is not, in fact, the singer’s ex-assistant. In fact, it is thought that a teenager made the account. The Tusa singer also talked about the serious claims against her on social media.

Nicki Minaj and Kate Miller started fighting after a number of posts on @katemiller 7’s Instagram Story. In her first post, she said that the 39-year-old fired her assistant and that Miller is now “telling it all.” In another post, she added:

“I used to work for Onika, but she fired me because there was no proof that her bank account had been hacked.”
Kate Miller, who also goes by the online name Onika, talked about the rapper’s alleged fights with Cardi B and Beyoncé in a series of Instagram posts. She also talked about owing money to the IRS, her husband Kenneth Petty cheating on her, and other things.

Kate Miller tagged the rapper herself in one of the posts and wrote in her Instagram story:

“Let’s talk about you giving Robert Sammuels $75,000 for Freaky Girl’s “abundance” on the charts. But your fans love to make fun of the word “payola.” You won’t sue, and you know why. I have a video of everything. When Kenneth pushed you off that lodge, for example. Meek is not the only one who abuses.
In another post:

“I have your 2021 tax refunds. When are we going to tell the barbz that you owe the IRS $173 million and have done so since 2016? Minaj always rents homes when she needs a place to live.”

Miller said that Nicki Minaj’s husband had cheated on her in an Instagram story. He also said that Petty had said things to the assistant that gave her “chills.”

In another post on social media, the alleged ex-assistant said that Beyoncé and Jay Z don’t hang out with Nicki Minaj because of her husband.

Miller said that Nicki Minaj’s team is constantly trying to get in touch with her in one of his 20 Instagram stories. She also said that the singer from Super Bass tried to get her to get rid of her account.

Is Kate Miller, in fact, Nicki Minaj’s old assistant?

After seeing a lot of online posts about the rapper, Kate Miller’s fans think she doesn’t really exist. Some people said online that the language and grammar mistakes in the Instagram stories didn’t seem like something an adult would do. Many people think that the account was made by a teenager.

@insanelyin2pink, a user of social media, noticed that Kate Miller is not in the profile picture for the Instagram account. The Internet user said that the woman in the picture was the “Senior Vice President of Vocal Content @ Republic.” The Internet user also added the picture to her profile picture and gave her real name. Megan Feldman Bettencourt was the person’s name, and she was a “digital strategy and content director at a PR and marketing firm.”

In her earlier Instagram stories, the ex-assistant also said that she goes by the name Onika, which is also the name of the rapper’s perfume. The Trinidad-born singer probably didn’t get her perfume’s name from her former assistant’s name.

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