Who Is Kara Childerhouse? Michael Lichaa Girlfriend and Relationship With Adam Elliott


Kara Childerhouse is former fiance of Michael Lichaa ( Source : Nzherald )

Kara Childerhouse was a former fiance of Michael Lichaa. They separated following a controversy last February. 

Michael Lichaa has been acquitted of domestic violence charges. He expressed his family, fans, and new fiance for their support and loved all this time. 

Who Is Kara Childerhouse?

Kara Childerhouse is a former girlfriend of Michael Lichaa. There is not much personal information about her on the internet, but she was once trending on news headlines after she alleged the athlete of assaulting her. 

Last February, she and Adam Elliott were discovered being intimate at Lichaa's house one morning. After seeing his fiance performing a sexual act on his best friend, he lost control of his emotions. 

He hit a window and injured himself. Neighbors heard a man screaming and saying he could kill her. Following the disturbance, they called the police.

Michael Lichaa with Kara Childerhouse
Michael Lichaa with Kara Childerhouse ( Source : Dailymail )

When police arrived at the scene, Kara accused Lichaa of physically assaulting her. At that time, he was transported to the hospital under police guard to get treatment for his arm injury. 

Later, he was charged with domestic violence. Finally, after over a year of the incident, he has been free of the charges, writes NY Post. 

Michael Lichaa Girlfriend Kara Childerhouse Accused Him Of Domestic Violence

Kara Childerhouse, the former girlfriend of Michael Lichaa, reportedly accused him of assaulting her. As a result, he was charged with domestic violence offenses on February 15, 2021.

He was enraged when he opened his eyes to discover his fiance performing a sexual act on his former Bulldogs teammate Adam Elliottt in his backyard. After drinking all afternoon and into the early morning at home, he was in shock and still feeling the effects of alcohol, which caused him to scream out in disbelief.

He stormed inside and struck his front door's glass window, seriously wounding his arm. After that, he was taken to the hospital and even required a small surgery. 

After over a year of being charged, he has finally been acquitted. He took the witness stand in the afternoon and shared his side of the story. His former partner refused to testify against him. 

Kara Childerhouse Relationship With Adam Elliottt

Adam Elliott described his relationship with Kara Childerhouse as a mistake. The pair were allegedly found being intimate one morning at a Sydney house. 

When the athlete saw his fiance performing sexual acts on his best friend, he also flew into a rage, causing himself harm. A day after the incident, Elliottt sent him a series of apologetic texts after learning that he half needed surgery.

In the text, he expressed his regret for betraying their friendship before acknowledging he has "serious deep issues" with alcohol consumption. He continued by calling what he made the biggest mistake of his life, reports Daily mail. 

Adam Elliott with his girlfriend Millie Boyle
Adam Elliott with his girlfriend Millie Boyle ( Source : News )

Although Lichaa may have needed some time to process all these things, he made up with Elliott eventually. Besides, Elliottt did not keep any contact with Childerhouse. He found new love and started dating Millie Boyle after the incident.  

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