Who Is Kansas GOP Candidate Arlyn Briggs? What We Know About The


Arlyn Briggs of the Republican Party is running for governor of Kansas ( Source : Darik )

Arlyn Briggs of the Kansas Republic Party is a candidate running for election for the governor of Kansas. His competitor is Derek Schmidt, who has been an attorney general of Kansas since 2011.

Kansas Republican Party is the state affiliate political party in Kansas founded in May 1859. The party is primarily split between its moderate and conservative ideological factions at the state level. The moderates are often willing to work with Democrats on legislation because Kansas is often described as having three-party politics.

Arlyn Briggs's rival Schmidt is endorsed by the former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump and has served as attorney general in Kansas for twelve years since 2010. 

Arlyn Briggs Is A Republican Running For Governor Of Kansas 

Arlyn Briggs is one of two Republican members hoping to take the role of governor of Kansas by favouring the republican voters in advance of the gubernatorial election on 2 August. Briggs completed his bachelor of science degree in computer science, economics, mathematics, and history from Pittsburg State University in 1979.

Governor Candidate Of Kansas: Arlyn Briggs
Governor Candidate Of Kansas: Arlyn Briggs ( Source : I1 )

This is the third time Arlyn has run for the Kansas House. He first ran for the Kansas House of Representatives in 2012 and again in 2020 but lost both elections. He lost to Trevor Jacobs, who secured eighty-three per cent of the vote in the 2020 GOP election.

Briggs is 64 years old and hails from Kincaid, Kansas. His LinkedIn profile informs he has gathered experience from a range of jobs, including engineering and programming roles. In 2010 he founded HIS Solution LLC, -a healthcare company of which he is still the primary owner.

Is Arlyn Briggs Married? Details About Republican Family

Arlyn Briggs lives with his family in Kincaid, a city in Anderson County. Before he and his family moved to Anderson County, the Briggs family lived in Johnson County for about 30 years.

Kincaid's history goes back to 1885 and has a population of a hundred and three as of the 2020 census report. The half-square-mile city owns its name to Robert Kincaid of Mound City, according to a book on the origins of place names in the United States.

According to reports, a doctor advised Arlyn and his wife to abort their daughter due to serious problems related to the Rh factor. The daughter of Briggs's family is a very talented gymnast, cheerleader, and pole vault dancer at the state level during high school and college.

As mentioned in the same report, his daughter now teaches those activities at the school in Kansas. Also, Arlyn's son, who attended Baylor University, is an entrepreneur in Kansas.

Arlyn Briggs Net Worth As Of 2022

Arlyn Briggs's LinkedIn profile informs that he is self-employed and is the primary owner of the self-founded company HIS Solutuion LLC. He currently has a working career as Chairman of the board at Adult Family Living, LLC.

Arlyn's net worth and earnings as of 2022 are yet to be revealed. However, according to speculations, he might make about a million dollars in revenue from his primary ownership company. 

In the United States, the salaries of the Chairman of a Board range from $68,000 to $780,000, with a median salary of $175,000. So Arlyn might make about the same income yearly from his career as Chairman of the Boards at Adult Family LLC.

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