Who Is John Sundahl and What Does Harriet Hageman Husband Do For A Living?

Republican politician, Harriet Hageman won the GOP congressional primary in Wyoming ( Source : Wealthyspy )

Republican politician Harriet Hageman won the GOP congressional primary in Wyoming this year, defeating Liz Cheney with the backing of former president Trump.

The politician waved to the crowd with her husband in the wake of her victory against her fellow candidate, Cheney making people want to know more about her personal life and details about her husband, who is always supporting the politician

Who Is John Sundahl?

John Sundahl is the loving and supportive husband of the republican politician Harriet Hageman who have been legally bound by marriage to each other for more than a decade.

Born on August 1, 1948, Harriet's husband is currently 73 years old, while his wife, the politician, is only 59. Despite the age gap between the two married individuals being more than 13 years, they are compatible.

Harriet Hageman and her husband, John Sundahl after her win ( Source : Lrntube )

Sundahl and Hageman have similar interests since they are both lawyers by profession with graduate degrees from the University of Wyoming.

The politician's husband often appears in her campaigns. He provides whatever support he can provide to his wife during her career as a politician despite not liking to be around the media.

John and his wife waved to the public after Harriet's win against her competitor, Liz Cheney, showing they are together in this fight.

Harriet Hageman Husband Job: What Does He Do For A Living?

Many are curious to know what the politician, Harriet Hageman's husband, John Sundahl, does for a living since he is not very active on his social media. Like his wife, Sundal is also in the law business as he is a lawyer with more than 45 years of experience.

John Sundahl has been working with Sundahl Powers Kapp & Martin LLC since 1973 and is working with the company's predecessor company, Godfrey and Sundahl.

The politician's husband specializes in litigation cases with the handling of disputes in judicial and administrative arenas. Sundahl is an experienced lawyer who also worked as a lecturer on topics of defense of damages, jury selection, and discovery disputes.

Apart from litigation cases, he is a well-reputed attorney with experience in medical malpractice, personal injury, land disputes, industrial and wind permitting, bad faith, insurance disputes, banking, and employment.

John Sundahl And Harriet Hageman Children

John Sundahl and Harriet Hageman married each other a long time ago and probably have a few children with each other. However, the couple's children have never shown up in the media.

The politician was promoting her campaign with only her husband while her kids, if there were any, were kept away from the media and public's attention.

Harriet is currently 59 years of age while her husband is 73, so it is doubtful that they do not have any kids. But no one resembling their offspring ever appeared during her campaigns or any other media appearance.

So, we assume that Harriet and John's children are trying to maintain their privacy by staying away from the media and the public's attention for their excellent.

Family Of The GOP Congressional Primary Winner

Harriet Hageman was born to parents James Clay Hageman and Marion Hageman in Fort Laramie, Wyoming. The politician claims that her parents birthed and raised her on a Wyoming ranch, where she spent her whole life.

Harriet Hageman's parents ( Source : Edailybuzz )

Her father, James, was a member of the United States Army, stationed in Germany, and, upon return, became a member of the Wyoming House of Representatives. Mr. Hageman passed away in 2006 after a long life of contributing to the nation and Wyoming.

Harriet was one of six children of James and Marion, who married each other in 1956, and grew up working on the ranch with all her siblings and her parents.


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