Who Is Joao Pedro Girlfriend Melissa Maia? As Transfer News Intensify, We Look At His Dating History


The couple has been dating for almost 2 years now. ( Source : instagram )

The recent news about Joao Pedro's possible transfer to Newcastle has made people look out for his girlfriend, Melissa Maia. Mostly known as Mel Maia, she is a popular actress in Brazil. 

They were quite a thing in 2020 when the footballer posted an intimate picture with her on his social media account. So, here is everything we know on their new update and Pedro's transfer probability.

Who Is Joao Pedro Girlfriend Melissa Maia?

Joao Pedro of Watford is dating Mel Maia, an 18-year-old TV personality from Brazil. The 18-year-old Pedro has settled into life in England since completing his switch to the Hornets. When the forward's girlfriend paid him a visit, he posted a photo of the couple kissing on Southwark Bridge on Instagram. This got a huge buzz on the social media world then,  as the girl was only 15.

In the UK, the legal drinking age is 16, although, in their home Brazil, it is 14. According to a Watford spokesman, Joao and his girlfriend are well aware of the legal restrictions and cultural contrasts between the UK and Brazil.

Mel Maia, real name Melissa Maia de Sousa, is a Brazilian actress. Rio de Janeiro is where she was born. When she portrayed young Rita in the telenovela, Avenida Brasil in 2012, she became well-known. For the aforementioned part, she won numerous honors.

She is quite active on Instagram, and she has over 13.3 million followers on it with a verified tick at such a young age. People her age struggle a lot, but the actress has tasted fame quite early on in life. 

The picture posted by Pedro on his Instagram can no longer be found now. On the other hand, there is a small clip that features him on Mel's Insta account from 2020. 

Joao Pedro's Transfer News & His Possible Salary At Newcastle

Newcastle United is working on two moves and is hopeful that trade for Joao Pedro from Watford will materialize this week.

Before the month is out, Newcastle wants to add two permanent players, with forward Pedro being their most advanced target. Due to a calf injury, he was unable to play for the Hornets against Preston on Saturday, but I have heard that additional discussions between the two teams took place over the weekend.

Pedro is interested in moving to Newcastle, but Watford is unwilling to lose him. There is currently a discrepancy between the appraisal and the Magpies' offer.

Joao Pedro was born in 2001.
Joao Pedro was born in 2001. ( Source : watfordfc )

Talking about his possible salary, Newcastle pays its forward players around £4000k on an annual basis. The highest paid is Cassio Apolin├írio de Lira and he gets £4,500,000 in 2022. However, observing his experience and age, he might be getting not less than £4,000,000 if he gets into the club. 

At the age of 20, he is already one of the most loved football players and is doing wonders for himself. In the time being, he will certainly be considered one of the top players. His market value is 18 million euros, and his current net worth is over 50k euros.


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