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Blake Masters has small lead in Senate race over Jim Lamon ( Source : Facebook )

Jim Lamon is a veteran previous Army Airborne officer, and the candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arizona who was on the Ballot in the Republican primary on August 2, 2022. 

Lamon is an America First Candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona. He is a veteran and founder of one of the fastest-growing energy companies in America. Perhaps, he has been present for six years as an Army officer. The veteran had spent his three years in the cold war in Germany. 

Additionally, Lamon saw the stark difference between American freedom and Communist oppression. At the end of 2021, he sold his company to focus on his commitment to AZ US Senate. The veteran used to hire veterans as their main priority. As a result, 20% of employees served in the United States Military. 

Moreover, Lamon firm was featured as an industry leader in cooperation and pursued a Made in America policy. While staying in America, his company spent 70 percent. Besides this, he is a part of the Republican political party. 

As a candidate, he will take on China and fight back against the rampant theft of technology. Even he became part of level the playing field for American manufacturers and staff. The veteran will put his effort into stopping endless wars.

Jim Lamon Wikipedia And Biography

Lamon is expertise in the business and every section of the work. He was raised on a farm and worked hard for his career. The veteran value faith, family, and country and step up for his nation. 

In 1979, Lamon completed his bachelor's degree in civil engineering at the University of Alabama. He is the inventor of Depcom Power, Inc. He previously served as the company's chairman, but his political career made him choose the left position. 

On August 2, 2022, Lamon asked American citizens to vote for him. He pinned, 'I believe in American greatness. It had greatly damaged under Biden/Kelly. Arizona needs a Senator with proven guts, tenacity, and principles to set America back on the path to greatness.'

Jim Lamon with his voter in Arizona ( Source : Twitter )

Furthermore, Lamon started his career in his childhood. He is a business-generated personality who believes in hard work and dedication. Previously, politicians used to have a keen interest in sports. Even he played football at a young age under the direction of coach Bear Bryant. 

Lamon's father was a construction engineer and a Command Sergeant Major in the United States Army Reserve. He followed in the footstep of his dad while following his career. His mother was a housewife and used to do some part-time work. 

Lamon will be the strong voice for the federal government and develop a few regulations. His mission included delivering core essentials to the American taxpayers. His main plan is to put America first, secure the border, and Streamline the federal government. 

Lamon cited border security as a central issue. As a result, The Conservative Political Action Coalition, the National Border Patrol Council, and several state legislators support the politician on his work. Even he promised to end sanctuary cities. 

Jim Lamon Wife: Is A Senate Candidate Married?

Lamon married his loving wife, Karin Lamon. The pair has been gifted with two kids. The grown-up children are already married and have had their kids. Also, he has two grandchildren and is the proud grandfather of them. He believed in Jesus Christ and had faith in Christianity and Philanthropy. 

Like Lamon, his family may believe in values and faith. Besides his political career, he was involved in training, hiking, and yoga. He is not the candidate of particular interest and not the favorite man of Communist China. After getting elected to the Senate, the politician only answers to Arizona voters. 

Lamon will put taxpayers forward and support balanced budgets, term limits, and spending reforms. He will defend his community's constitutional rights. Also, America's first conservatives will secure borders and insist that employment opportunities go to American citizens. 

Jim Lamon supported by so many patriotic, hardworking Arizonans from all over the state. ( Source : Twitter )

Five candidates ran for the Republican primary for United States Senate in Arizona in the election. Ballotpedia shared the voting counts based on unofficial returns where Masters gained 34.5%, Lamon grasped 30,06%, and Brnovixh gained 20.2% of the vote. 

Currently, Mark Bronvich, Jim, and Blake Masters came to the highlight after they led the polling and fundraising. Lamon has competed with career prosecutor Bronocih and tech entrepreneur Masters. 

Lim shared he was so humbled to be supported by many patriotic, hardworking Arizonans from all over the state. His Election Eve Rally was nothing short of exciting, & they are more ready than ever to take back our form from Mark Kelly.

Jim Lamon Net Worth: How Much He Earn?

Lamon's net worth had estimated at around $2 million. He spent 70 percent of the company dollars while living in America. Also, they spent around $3 billion on equipment necessary for the business. They spent their expenses on American steel, electrical cable, and construction workers for several years. 

YearEstimated Net Worth  
  2022$2 million  

At age 7, Jim started his job Shoveling manure at only $0.25 per stall. He experienced various challenges and difficulties in his life, which made him well-prepared to be a leader. 

Lamon worked for more than 20 years in the coal and gas-fired power plant business before founding DEPCOM, a solar energy company. He is expertise in the field and knows what it takes to power America. However, he presents as a leader in Arizona's conservative politics. 

Supporting the Republican candidates, he had spent around $2 million for public office to expand the voting opportunities. Nonetheless, he utilized the money to register tens of thousands of new conservative voters in Arizona in the 2022 midterms. 

Furthermore, Jim is a candidate for the United States Senate from the great State of Arizona who is determined to put America First. He has been a business leader for years and has experience in every field. 

After leaving his business, he evolved himself in politics. He promised he would serve two terms and donated his salary. Also, the politician mentioned he would not accept government pension. 

In his political campaign, he primarily self-funded. According to Open Secrets, the businessman contributed $14 million to his campaign. He donated 90% of the funds to the campaign. 

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