Who Is Jasmine Davis? Transgender Actress Plays Imani, Trig's New Girlfriend On The Chi

Jasmine Davis Plays The Trans Woman As Trigs New Girlfriend On The Chi ( Source : Glamcelebs )

Jasmine Davis is a rising television personality and actress from Chicago who came into the spotlight for her transgender role in the television drama series: The Chi. Apart from being an actress, she is well known as an entrepreneur, social media star, model, singer, health coach, and social activist.

Jasmine Davis plays the role of Imani as the new girlfriend of Trig (portrayed by actor Luke James Boyd) in the television series The Chi. This information was revealed during Episode 2 of the television series The Chi. During the episode, she was announced as transgender, making her the first transgender character to appear on the show.

Jasmine revealed that she was a trans woman a few years ago. She mentioned that she was afraid of the judgemental nature of society for a long time but overcame that fear and underwent surgery to become a pretty young woman.

Trig's New Girlfriend On The Chi: Jasmine Davis Biography

Jasmine Davis identified herself as transgender and was born in 1993 in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. She portrays the role of Imani in the popular series The Chi. The show was initially released in 2018 and has progressed to Season 3, and it might carry along to Season 4.

The actress in her early 30s recently revealed that she is transgender. She plays an integral part as a transgender character in the show and is loved and supported by her fans.

Jasmine completed her elementary education at a local school in Chicago. She has completed her graduation in Sociology from the University of California. The actress also studied cosmetology at the Pivot Point Cosmetology School, Illinois. Apart from her career as an actress, the transgender television personality also has a keen interest in exploring interesting things and singing. 

Transgender Actress Jasmine Davis Age Explored

The American television personality was born in May 1990. According to Wiki Biography, her ancestors are both American and African. Jasmine's parents raised her along with her two brothers: Jacky and Jordan. She recently revealed through her Instagram post that her birth month is May; the Instagram post is included below.

The 33 years old African American actress comes from a catholic background. According to News Unzip, the actress was born to father Peter Davis and mother Tamala Davis. 

Jasmine is a successful actress and has gained a massive fan following. Before this, she landed herself a scholarship and was working on her projects on Immigrants and Gender Studies.

Jasmine Davis Family

The actress and her two sisters: Diana and Tiffany, grew up under the guardianship of their loving and caring parents. The parents provided for and supported them in pursuing their career paths. Her sister Tiffany works as a business coach and photographer in the fashion industry.

The Chi: Trig's New Girlfriend Imani Played By Jasmine Davis With Her Mother Tamala ( Source : Newsunzip )

The actress belongs to African American ethnic group and grew up as a Christian in Terry, Mississippi, United States of America. She mentioned that her parents were a conservative Christian family. The actress was finding it hard to reveal her gender. The actress came out publically as a trans-women at the time of signing her role in the show The Chi.

Jasmine has always been conservative, sharing about her personal life and relationships. However, she has mentioned that her boyfriend taught her how to use firearms.


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