Who Is Homer Laffoon? Anne Heche Son With Husband Coleman Laffon As She Battles For Life After The Crash


Anne Heche with her son Homer Laffoon in the right ( Source : Instagram )

Homer Laffoon, the oldest son of Anne Heche, spent his Saturday with two young girls.

Anne Heche's 20-year-old son was spotted waving farewell to two girls who left his home twenty-four hours after his mother was rushed to the hospital to be intubated after suffering severe burns in a violent automobile incident. Let's find out more about him. 

Who Is Homer Laffoon? Meet Anne Heche Son With Husband Coleman Laffon

Anne Heche and Coleman "Coley" Laffoon, her ex-husband, are the parents of Homer Laffoon. After being hitched in September 2001, the pair divorced in February 2007.

Laffoon may be seen leading his two female pals to the door in images that have been made public. He leaves his Los Angeles, California, house with his two dressed-up companions.

No one knows if Laffoon is romantically involved with one of his female friends. The celebrity's son doesn't mention a girlfriend on any of his different social media platforms.

Heche claims that Laffoon graduated from high school in the summer of 2020. The ceremony occurred in the Los Angeles of Rose Bowl stadium parking lot. The Donnie Brasco actor seized the chance to criticize California's Covid-19 protocols in an interview.

What Happened To Ellen Degeneres's Ex Anne Heche?

On Friday, August 5, Anne Heche, Ellen DeGeneres' ex, was driving a car when it collided with a home in Mar Vista, Los Angeles. Both the car and the house caught fire as a result of the collision.

As per local reports from NBC Los Angeles, the collision was reported on Friday before 11 am. According to several local periodicals, the 1700 block of South Walgrove Avenue was the location of the incident.

Heche was allegedly in severe condition and suffered significant burn injuries when pulled from her car. The LAFD Paramedics took her immediately to a neighboring hospital.

The statement claims that it took the 59 firefighters who were on the scene a little longer than an hour to put out the fire.

Some sources claim that Anne was driving a blue Mini Cooper at a high rate of speed through the Mar Vista area when she drove off the road, maybe hitting a curb, and crashed into the 1766 Walgrove Avenue structure. This may also contribute to the explanation of why the car plowed into the house.

Tupper shared a picture of his former girlfriend after Heche's automobile accident on Friday. She first crashed into a garage at an apartment complex before veering into a house in her blue Mini Cooper, leaving her "severely burned" and "intubated" in a Los Angeles hospital.

Anne had a romantic relationship with noted television host and broadcaster Ellen DeGeneres in 1997. The former pair allegedly split up in 2000 after dating for perhaps three years.

Homer Laffoon Age- How Old Is He?

Homer Laffon is 20 years old as he was born on March 2, 2002. He was born one year after his parent's wedding. Atlas Heche Tupper is his half-brother.

Heche has claimed that her two sons have been close and intimately connected since infancy. Despite divorcing in 2007, Heche and Coleman Laffoon had to rework their child support and custody agreements as recently as 2017.

Homer, who was 14 then, would be shared between the two at that time. Heche lost sole custody of her son back in 2014.

The divorce between Heche and Laffoon was finalized in March 2009, and it was revealed through court records that the actress was ordered to pay $500,000 in a lump sum and $3,700 a month in child support. She also had to cover 75% of Homer's tuition for private school.

Homer Laffon in the frame
Homer Laffon in the frame ( Source : Instagram )

Heche revealed during a 2007 appearance on The View that her son, who was seven at the time, flew to Vancouver twice a month to be with her while she was filming her program, Men in Trees.

Heche was accused of abusing her son's father in front of him as they argued over custody of the child.

She was also charged with leaving her kid with assistants when he visited the set and took a shower with her son and James Tupper, her new boyfriend at the time, while both were wearing bathing suits.


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