Who Is Gloria Steinem? Details About The Who Started The Black Feminism Movement

This Is How Did Gloria Steinem Start The Black Feminism Movement, Author, Political Activist, and Editor is now 88 years of age ( Source : Instyle )

NameGloria Steinem
Age88 (March 25, 1934)
ProfessionJournalist, Political Activist, Feminist
CollegeSmith College
SpouseDavid Bale (died in 2003)
Known ForJournalism and Feminist
OccupationWriter and Journalist

Gloria Steinem is an American feminist who contributed to the movement in the 60s and 70s as a leader and spokeswoman.

Like herself, her grandmother was also a feminist who served as the Ohio Women's Suffrage Association president from 1908 to 1911. 

A few years after moving in with her sister in 1956 to Washington DC, Steiman began her journalism career as a writer, journalist, political activist, and prominent feminist for a local magazine in New York City.

How Did Gloria Steinem Start The Black Feminism Movement

After writing articles for several magazines and publications, Steiman got the most attention for her "I Was A Playboy Bunny', which she wrote for Huntington Hartford's show magazine in 1963. She became one of the members of Playboy Club and learned its treatment of women was misleading and immoral.

Gloria Steinem Who Started The Black Feminism Movement, out in a nonviolence protest on government policies ( Source : Britannica )

In 1971, Political activists found the National Women's Political Caucus with two other prominent feminists, Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan, an organization that works on women's issues from a feminist standpoint. After 1968, she began giving an overtly political opinion on women's contemporary problems. Founder of Ms magazine joined several nonviolent protests in the 1960s against government policies.

In 1971, Steinem and the other two, Brenda Feigen and Dorothy Hughes. Co-founded a feminist organization in the US, Women's Action Alliance which aided a network of feminist activists in working with feminist cause and legislation. She began writing New York magazine's new column, The City Politic. Around that time, she was heavily involved in political organizations and advocated for Women's liberation in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Furthermore, Steinem was one of the founding members of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, Voters for Choice, Women's Media Center, and finally, Women Against Pornography.

an American feminist who led the American Feminist Movement in the 1960s and early 1970s, is renowned personality who had huge impact working women's rights ( Source : Livehistoryindia )

Additionally, Gloria Steiman played a significant role in establishing "Take Our Daughters to Work Day" in 1990. In the early 1990s, a national conversation was going on around the United States considering the next move for feminism. Two years after its founding, four US senates and 24 House of Representatives were elected as women in the parliament, which now is labeled as the Year of the Women.

Gloria Steinem Is A Journalist

Some of the famous essay publications comprise "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions(1983)", "Moving Beyond of Words: Age, Rage, Se*, Power, Money, "Muscles: Breaking the Boundaries of Gender (1994)", and Revolution from Within (1992), "A Work on Self-esteem for Women: Marilyn (1997), and finally a memoir "My Life on the Road (2015).

After working as a writer, author, editor, political activist, and feminist, Steinem received the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom award in 2013. Recently, the feminist advocate has been traveling around the globe as an organizer, lecturer, trainer, and political activist to help shape the feminist movement with a tight grip. 

Personal Information About Gloria Steinem

In 1986, Steinem was diagnosed with breast cancer; however, she beat the disease. Now 88, Gloria didn't get married until she was 66. She was known for saying, 'Women need men like fish needs bicycle, except they don't. 

feminist Gloria Steinem seen with her late husband David Bale who died in 2003 due to brain cancer, the couple got married in the year 2000 ( Source : Oprahdaily )

Despite having said that throughout her life, she tied her knot with the late David Bale, an environmental and animal rights activist and a father to an actor Christian Bale. The couple was only together for three years as David died of cancer in 2003.

Born on March 25, 1934, she spent her childhood traveling in a house trailer with her parents. During her school days, she had an added responsibility to take care of her chronically depressed mother. After her parents' divorce in 1946, Steinem lived with her mother and started attending school regularly. The feminist advocate earned her degree from Smith College in 1956. After graduation, she got a scholarship to study further and went to India.


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