Who Is Georgina Godwin Husband Jeremy Summerfield? A Look At The Conversations ABC Journalist Distraught Family


Georgina Godwin Is Interviewer And Broadcast Journalist ( Source : instagram )

Zimbabwe journalist Georgina Godwin married her husband, Jeremy Summerfield, a professional photographer.

Georgina Godwin was born and raised in a liberal white family in Zimbabwe. During her childhood, the country of Zimbabwe was still a British colony and went by the name Rhodesia. 

Georgina grew up with her brother Peter Godwin, sister Jain, and family members in Rhodesia. There she attended St. George's College. Her older sister Jain and her fiance were killed when their car hit an army ambush.

Peter Godwin's sister, Georgina, has worked as a journalist, podcaster, and broadcast presenter in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia until 2001) and the United Kingdom.

Georgina Godwin Was Married To Jeremy Summerfield

Georgina Godwin and Jeremy Summerfield tied the knot in Zimbabwe in March of 1997. Jeremy studied at St. Georges, the same school Godwin's siblings attended. There they formed a group of Bright Young Thing with Manuel Bagorro.

The couple might have started dating while they were in school. After being in relation for a few years, the couple conducted a wedding ceremony in Zimbabwe in 1997. 

After a few years of marriage, the pair had a daughter, Xanthe. Georgian later planned to leave Zimbabwe for London with her baby daughter Xanthe and her husband, Jeremy.

After the couple moved to London, Georgian's life partner, Jeremy Summerfield, decided he was gay and moved out, leaving Georgina alone with their small daughter, Xanthe.


The Secret Life Of Georgina: Conversation With ABC

Georgina Godwin recently spoke with a journalist from ABC about her new book The Eye Of The Beholder, a dramatic story of lies, trust, and love. During the discussion, she recalls growing up in Zimbabwe, working as a journo under Mugabe's regime, and learning of her father's long-held secret.

The journalist's father, George Godwin, was an engineer of Polish Jewish ancestry. However, Georgina and her brother Peter were shocked when they discovered their parents were not entirely honest with them.

Her father, George Godwin, was living a lie all those years. She later discovered that her father's real name was Kazimierz Jerzy Goldfarb, and he was a descendent of a Jewish family in Poland.

George later revealed that he hid his identity so Georgina and her brother could live a safe life. But, he added during 1939, Jews were an endangered minority and the target of ethnic cleansing.

Her mother, Helena, came from four generations of Anglican churchmen. She worked as a doctor at her medical clinic. 

Meet Georgina Godwin's Daughter Xanthe

Xanthe Summerfield, the daughter of Georgina Godwin, is a highly versatile, eager, and hardworking young writer and performer. She attended St Marylebone School for Performing Arts on a drama scholarship from 2011-2018.

Georgian Godwin Daughter Xanthe Summerfield
Georgian Godwin Daughter Xanthe Summerfield ( Source : twitter )

Xanthe is currently studying writing for performance at the Central School of Speech and Drama, a part of the University of London. She has been doing stand-up comedies and has made her appearances in lead roles in dramas.

Georgina Godwin Partner

The broadcast journalist Georgina was previously married to Jeremy Summerfield, who later came out as gay and left her. Godwin is very private and has not shared much about her current partner.

However, she has appeared on her Instagram profile with a man who might be her partner on many occasions. In one particular post, she is posing for a mirror selfie with The Man, trying new clothes from Nearly New Cashmere. Many people commented on the post mentioning he is Georgina's current life partner of Georgina, to which she has not commented.


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