Who Is Freya Mavor Dating In 2022? Her Boyfriend And Personal Life Revealed


Freya Mavor Scottish Actress and Model ( Source : Wallpapersden )

Judging Freya Mavor based on her Instagram profile, an established actress and rising filmmaker could be dating Nicolas Chabrol. Find out more!

Scottish actress and model Freya Mavor was born in August 1993, the actress will be turning 29 in 12 days. Freya currently has 115k followers with 678 posts on Instagram. Based on her profile, she doesn't seem to like sharing her pictures but rather her work and different artistic images that she's passionate about. The emerging writer and director Freya is currently crowdfunding her anthology feature film series on Kickstarter.

Freya Mavor Dating History - Does She Have A Boyfriend?

As for her dating history, the 'Fashion Icon of the Year, Freya has never disclosed anything about her romantic relationship. Although, what we can say is she has never been engaged to anyone. We believe the 28-year-old model has at least one boyfriend.

Although Freya hasn't gone public with any of her past relationships, we found one unusual post after checking her Instagram profile. Unusual in regards to what she posts on Instagram generally.

As you can see, on July 21 last year, Freya shared a series of pictures where a guy named Nicolas Chabrol appeared multiple times. Nicolas is a photographer and owns a studio called Studio Kokanas, which is based in Marseille, France. In March 2021, Nicolas also shared a photo of Freya on his Instagram, captioned as 'Beauty.' Judging their Instagram profile, the supposed pair could've been dating at the time.

However, the supposed couple hasn't shared any photos after that. So, we're not fully sure if Freya Mavor is currently dating Nicolas Chabrol or has a boyfriend. As soon as our team finds out something about Freya's relationship status, we'll update this article. Keep looking!

Meet Freya Mavor Parents & Siblings

Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, Freya has a creative family background. She is the daughter of an award-winning playwright James Mavor, and her mother has worked for Scottish Opera for 15 years as a singer.

Freya's grandfather, Ronald Bingo Mavor, was the director of the Scottish Arts Council. Freya grew up with two siblings, Alex Mavor and Hugo Mavor. Freya belongs to the scot ethnic group, and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Freya received her high school diploma in Edinburgh from Mary Erskine School. However, she graduated from College Eugene Fromentin in LA Rochelle, France.

Freya Is An Actress, Model & Filmmaker

Freya made her professional acting debut on the E4 teen drama, Skins. In 2011, her role as Mini McGuiness in Skins gained her recognition.

In the last decade, Freya has worked in feature films, TV shows, stage plays, artistic projects, and several short films. Young talented actress Freya won the Fashion Icon of the Year award in 2011 and became the face of Pringle of Scottland during the entire summer campaign.

Furthermore, she started appearing in multiple movies and shows, including rom-com, Not Another Happy Ending, The ABC Murders, Modern Life Is Rubbish, 'The White Queens,' and Twice Upon a Time. Not to mention her phenomenal acting in popular film 'The Keeper' and mystery drama 'The Sense of an Ending.'

Frey Mavor starring in a Historical drama New Worlds ( Source : Theleastpictureshow )

Scottish model has won several awards throughout her acting and modeling career. In 2013, she won Screen International Star of Tomorrow and got a nomination for Best Actress in TV Choice Award 2012.

Rising filmmaker Freya Mavor is currently working on her anthology feature film as a writer and director. The film explores underrepresented stories of sexuality and intimacy that are often overshadowed by cultural trends. Freya's directed Kink series signed Thalissa Teixeira, Star of Tomorrow.

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