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Faye Yager made their safety her mission when the courts failed allegedly abused women and children ( Source : Twitter )

Faye Yager created an underground network to prevent assaulted children. 

Yager is the mother of Michelle French, who made a vast underground network where hundreds of mothers and children can hide. These networks save them from the alleged abuse of their spouse and father. After the broker court system didn't prevent them, she started a new life for herself and other people. 

Know Children Of The Underground: Faye Yager

The plot of Children of the Underground was based on the life of Yager, who spent her entire life protecting ill-treated wives and kids. The documentary described the journey of the women where Gloria Steinem and Sally Jessy Raphael are the cast. 

A new original docuseries, FX's Children of the Underground premieres all five episodes on August 12 conveying Faye Yager's past life ( Source : Twitter )

The documentary was released on August 12, 2022, in the United States by Story Syndicate production company. The FX's new five-part docuseries premiered last Friday and streamed on Hulu. After watching the document, people can explore the moral difficulties of the network. 

Yager dedicated her life to building the system invented to hide abused children and mothers so that the abuser cannot find them. She created the secret network necessary for the mother, who felt they didn't get legally protected. 

In the series, Yagar, described as a charismatic vigilante, has a tragic history with the past with the court system, which motivated the women to lead a new step in life. 

Where Is Faye Yager Now?

Yager is currently a member of the inn in Brevard, N.C. She was active in the 80s and 90s, and later in 1999, she stepped away after the Shah Lawsuit. She faced the tragedy that happened to her daughter when Jones Physically abused her teenage daughter. 

Afterward, Yager tried to get custody of her daughter to remove her from the toxic situation. However, the court failed to give justice to the kid, and instead, the medical reports said French had contracted gonorrhea. 

Previously, Yagar levied cruelty to kids, kidnapping, and interfering with the children's custody. In this last case, Shah's wife, Ellen Dever, joined Yager's underground network. Shah spent millions to find his children and sued Yager for $100 million in federal court. 

After the case, the reputation of Yager had questioned by people. Even her family received death threats for the action, so she left the network for safety and fear. As a result, she avoided the limelight and stayed out of stardom. French ascertained that her mother is well and alive and spending time with her family. 

Previously Yager was in suburban Marietta, Georgia, after she went on trial after being accused of emotional cruelty and kidnapping of the children.

Faye Yager's Husband Sexually Abused Her Daughter

Yager married her husband Roger Lee Jones when she was young. At 17, she was a married woman. Later the women give birth to her daughter Michelle French. French knew about the incident where her mother claimed to the court. Her mother was the witness to her daughter's dad abusing her. 

Although French admitted to the case in childhood, Jones came out with custody. French even contracted an STD from her father, Jones, when she was only 4. Nonetheless, the abuser retained control. After that, Yager had limited communication with her kid, and she was only permitted supervised visits. 

When French was 13, she took the matter into her hand without saying to her mother. French tells the news speaking about her father as an abuser. Everything her dad told was a lie, and she knew he was wrong from the beginning. 

Vigilante Faye Yager built a vast underground network to help mothers and children escape abuse ( Source : Twitter )

After reaching the kitchen, French found a firearm on the refrigerator and pointed it at his father. After that, she threatened him you will never touch me again. In 1990, Jones had finally sentenced to 30 years in prison. He pledged guilty to sexual abuse against other children and levied for his criminal offense. 

However, Jones never condemned related to the sexual abuse of her daughter French. After the incident, Yager developed a sophisticated underground network hoping no parent gone through what she and her daughter faced. 

The legal system failed them in the process of the crime. When French was 16, she admitted to her father's crime. Although French didn't remember all the incidents, she ensured that her father sexually abused her for the first 13 years. 

There is still a case of ongoing assault, and in July, Dr. Giovanni Quintella was charged earlier after sexually assaulting a pregnant woman who was undergoing a cesarean unit.


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