Who Is Eric Dodds? Johntae Collier Boyfriend Also Arrested As They Apparently Share A Same Cell


Johntae Collier is a social media personality ( Source : instagram )

The Georgia murder suspect was apprehended in Huntsville on Wednesday night, according to the US Marshals Service. Apparently, his boyfriend Eric is also held in for the same case. 

Around 9:15 on Wednesday night, Johntae Kavon Collier was arrested on a charge of evading justice and sent to the Madison County Jail. Collier is wanted in Rossville, Georgia, for homicide and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Who Is Eric Dodds? Johntae Collier Boyfriend Also Arrested

Eric Dodds has been named the second suspect in the Georgia homicide case that arrested Johntae Collier a week ago. They have been called the gay couple wanted for alleged murder. Both of them are now in the same prison, Madison County Jail.

However, the narrative was different immediately after Collier's arrest. Initially, people thought he was held over for murdering his own boyfriend. After some time, Eric started a GoFundMe page in order to help him. He was basically trying to prove to his viewers that the social media personality was innocent and was detained for a wrong case. 

This was actually spread on TikTok, and fans participated in clearing Collier's image as well. Now, the case has taken a 360-degree turn, and we see Eric also as one of the major culprits in the homicide. 

As it is a developing story, the details are yet to surface on the web, but apparently, the local authorities have already caught him, and the investigations are going on a full scale. On the other hand, TikTok and other social media platforms empathize with the victim and his family. While the two suspects have not been convicted, not much can be said about them. 

Eric Dodds And Johntae Collier Charges Explained

Johntae Collier has been charged with a homicide case along with aggravated assault with a gun. His partner, Eric's arrest news, has just hit round the corner, and it is still unclear if he was totally involved in the particular case or was only an aide to it.   

One thing that is sure is the two are currently sharing a cell in madison County jail and are waiting for the legal proceedings. Until today fans were empathizing with them as Eric had gained everybody's trust with an emotional GoFundMe page. However, now the picture seems to have completely turned around. 

Johntae and eric are both in the same jail.
Johntae and eric are both in the same jail. ( Source : blog )

Currently, both Johntae and Eric's social media accounts cannot be tracked. It seems like after the entire incident; they have chosen to get out of the Internet world for the time being. 

As mentioned above, this case is developing, and the authorities have asked for the utmost privacy in handling the case. Once everything becomes clear, the media will certainly be informed. 


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