Who Is Emelina Adams? Everything To Know About The Cast Of Bullet Train


Emelina Adams Is An American Actress Who Rose To Fame After Winning 2016 Miss Nevada USA ( Source : Instagram )

Emelina Adams, who rose to fame as the 2016 Miss Nevada USA, is an American Actress known for her portrayal of Angelina Young in the 2022 movie Bullet Train. Here in this article, we will discuss everything that we know about the American actress Emelina Adams.

Before working as an actress, she started her career as a professional model. According to reports, she landed her first role as an actress by appearing in a short video called Tina's Tear as Tina in 2019.

The movie Bullet Train presents the story of five assassins who are aboard a fast-moving bullet train and find out their missions have something in common. The movie is rated 7.7 out of 10 by 719 voters on IMDb.

Emelina Adams, Who Plays The Role Of Angelina Young In Bullet Train Hails From Nevada

Emelina Adams was born in Henderson, Nevada, on February 2, 1992. She was formerly a top 10 finalist in Miss Nevada in 2014 and became Miss Nevada in 2016, which rose her to fame.

Emelina Adams Photographed In Lugano, Switzerland While Attending An Event Organized By GUESS ( Source : Instagram )

Emelina was born to her mother and father in Henderson, Nevada. According to reports, she is a second-generation Italian from her father's family who hails from Calabria, Italy, and has English, Scottish, and Irish heritage from her mother's family.

She developed a passion for arts and involved herself in theater, dance, and modeling from an early age.

Emelina Adams Age. How Old Is The Actress?

Emelina celebrates her birthday on February 2 every year. She was born on the year 1992 in Henderson, Nevada. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's in arts with psychology as her major.

She also graduated as a pre-law minor from the same university at 23. According to sources, she also attended John Cabot University in 2018 to study Psychology but dropped out after about a year.

From January to July 2009, she was a student ambassador for People to People Student Travel, probably during high school at 17. When she was 24 years old, she lost her older sister because of addiction.

Emelina Adams Is Professional Model And An Actress.

In 2019, Emelina appeared in the high school crime television series 13 Reasons Why as Presmilla when she was 28 years old. She also appeared in many videos, including Lonely Hearts, Mid-Life Crisis, and many other titles.

In 2021, the actress worked in two films, After Mask -as Amber and Blood Pagent -as Isabella. She also worked alongside Brad Pitt in his movie Bullet Train as Angelina Young.

Emelina Adams Will Be Seen Alongside Brad Pitt In The 2022 Action And Thriller Movie Bullet Train ( Source : Instagram )

Model turned actress Emelinahas won numerous awards, including the Independent Horror Movies Award and the Mindfielf Film Festival Albuquerque award. She has also won the Royal Wolf Film award and Pinnacle Film Awards for Best Actress in Forever Four.

Meet Emelina Adams On Instagram

Emelina is one of the talented actresses of our generation. Her charismatic personality and affluent acting skills made her a fan favorite. She has managed to gather lots of fans and supporters in her acting career. As of now, she is followed by 100k people on Instagram.

Her popularity is increasing daily, and those numbers will go up shortly. Most of her posts are about her professional life, pictures from her photoshoots, and a glimpse of her daily life. Her fan supports her in every personal and professional decision. 

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