Who Is Elizabeth Dwoskin? Wikipedia Bio And Age Details Of The Journalist


The Washington Post Journalist, Elizabeth Dwoskin ( Source : instagram )

Journalist Elizabeth Dwoskin is famous for her detailed coverage articles for The Washington Post on various topics focused primarily on technology and politics.

The journalist is renowned in the journalism industry for her quality articles and was awarded numerous honors and awards.

Let us learn more about the journalist, her biography, age, marital status, salary, and net

Elizabeth Dwoskin Bio - Who Is She?

Elizabeth Dwoskin is an American journalist working as the San Francisco Silicon Valley Correspondent for The Washington Post. Her journalism majorly focuses on social media and the technology environment.

Her readers love her articles for the informative content, the understandable language, and constant updates regarding the topic with any corrections or new information.

Elizabeth worked for The Wall Street Journal's San Francisco branch with data-related content from politics to health care to advertising.

Elizabeth Dwoskin talking about online privacy and tech giants
Elizabeth Dwoskin talking about online privacy and tech giants ( Source : bioneers )

The Silicon Valley correspondent has also worked as a staff writer for Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine, where Dwoskin covered topics related to politics and policies in Washington DC.

While in The Wall Street Journal, she started diving deep into data and algorithms and their impact on everyday people's lives. The Washington Post correspondent has also worked in housing and immigration.

Age Of The Journalist

Born on November 12, 1982, Elizabeth Dwoskin is currently 39 years of age and will soon be entering her 40s. The journalist completed her Master's Degree in Journalism in 2009 from Columbia University-Graduate School of Journalism.

Before her master's in journalism, she studied in New York at Columbia University and earned her bachelor's in Anthropology, where she was the president of the Student Coalition on Expansion and Gentrification and Productive Opportunities for Women societies.

Dwoskin started her career in journalism as a freelancer in Brazil and later in New York, starting in 2005; for the next three years, she landed a job as a staff writer for The Village Boice and wrote feature and cover stories about New York City.

The journalist is now one of the most famous journalists whose work is renowned among the general public for being easy to understand and informative regarding privacy, social media, and technology.

Is Elizabeth Dwoskin Married? Husband

According to different sources on the internet, Elizabeth Dwoskin seems to be a married woman, but the journalist has not yet addressed her marital status to the public.

Elizabeth Dwoskin with her co-worker at Laguna Beach
Elizabeth Dwoskin with her co-worker at Laguna Beach ( Source : twitter )

Dwoskin does not display her personal life on her social media, as her Twitter consists of mostly work-related articles and information. Some pictures of her on her social media are of the journalist at her workplace or covering an agenda.

Her fans hope to see the journalist open up more about herself on her social media but still respect her privacy and don't ask any invasive questions.

Salary And Net Worth Of The Washington Post Correspondent

As the Silicon Valley correspondent of the San Francisco branch of The Washington Post, Elizabeth Dwoskin earns a salary of more than $82000 annually and has a net worth of $700,000.

Elizabeth joined The Washington Post in 2016 and has been working for the past six years and six months now, writing about the technology industry's people, companies, and trends.

Despite covering data and politics in her former jobs, Dwoskin has a great time writing about the technological world and the people involved in the globe impacting the general public. 


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