Who Is Eddie Karanja? Everything We Know About The Cast Of The Sandman On Netflix


Eddie Karanja Will Play The Role Of Jed Walker In The Sandman ( Source : Static )

Eddie Karanja is a child actor from England who played the role of Jack in a sky original family tale Jack and the Beanstalk After Ever After. Eddie has risen to popularity despite his young age for his performance.

Here we will discuss everything we know about the actor from the television mini-series Washington Black, including his age, birthday, parents' detail, and his Instagram profile.

The Sandman: Eddie Karanja Is a Rising Child Actor From England

Eddie Karanja, a 14-year-old child actor who lives in Leicester, England, made his screen debut in David Wiliams', After Ever After, where he played the role of Jack in the remake of the fairy tale Jack And The Beanstalk. Today, we can announce that the child actor will also appear in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Sandman: the comic book by Neil Gaiman.

Young British Actor Eddie Karanja With The Cast Of Washington Black
Young British Actor Eddie Karanja With The Cast Of Washington Black ( Source : Instagram )

The English child actor will play the role of young boy Jed Walker along with a co-star who shares the same surname. Brit Karanja will play the role of Young Wash.

In the movie, Hulu's original drama series Washington Black, Young Wash, played by second Karanja, is described as a gentle-eyed, 11-year-old boy with a dreamers heart born on the Barbados sugar plantation. Eddie Karanja will play along the Ernest Kingsley JR and Charles Dance in the Sandman and Washington Black.

How Old Is Eddie Karanja? Birthday Revealed

Eddie Karanja was born on 2008 to his loving and caring mother and father. He grew up with his parents in England; according to sources, the child actor had a passion for performing since childhood, and his parents provided him with the opportunities to pursue his hobby of being an actor.

The rising child actor landed the role of Jack when he was 12 years old in the 2020 David Williams' Sky One Comedy remake of the classic fairy tale Jack and The Beanstalk After Ever After.

The 14-years-old newcomer from Leicester, England, has hit the spotlight and won the hearts of many fans with his acting skills and portrayal of the character in The Sandman. The child actor has appeared in a total of 3 movies till now, and admirers have loved all of his performances.

Eddie Karanja Parents And Instagram

The English child actor Eddie Karanja's parents are John and Maggie. They said in an interview that Ratcliffe College had provided their son with the opportunities from the beginning to pursue his love of performance.

Eddie attends Ratcliffe College in Leicestershire. The institute's headmaster claims that the teacher's team encourages and nurtures the God-given talent in all their students. 

The young actor has kept his family away from social media and does not share much about them. However, on a Twitter post by LF Lili Fee, he claims a person to be the father of the young actor. The tweet, including the picture, is provided below.

Eddie got all the support and encouragement to pursue his singing, dancing, and acting hobby and turn it into a career. Eddie claims that he felt performing was in his blood.

The Leicestershire schoolboy is on Instagram, with more than a thousand followers. Still, considering his growing popularity, we will see those numbers increase in time. On his Instagram profile, he posts his photographs, casting crew, and friends.


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