Who Is Drag Queen Shunta Bothered? Twitter Leads The Assault and Pedophile Allegations


Shunta Bothered ( Source : Youtube )

Shunta Bothered, a drag queen, has recently been the subject of Twitter allegations that she is a pedophile and predator.

Shunta Bother has remained silent regarding the ongoing controversy. She has been criticized for not speaking out against it, along with the drag community.

Let us unleash the controversy that is following Shunta.

Who Is Drag Queen Shunta Bothered? 

Shunta Bothered is a drag queen who refers to own as they/them. If you're unfamiliar with the term drag queen, then it is a person, typically a man, who mimics and frequently exaggerates feminine gender signifiers and gender roles for entertainment purposes.

Drag queens are often linked with homosexual males and gay culture in modern society, but persons of all genders & sexual orientations can perform as them. In addition, it is stated that drag queens frequently court straight men who "do not typically partake in homosexual relationships" and have a superior attitude.

Shunta identifies herself as they/them on her Instagram. You can find her there under the username @shuntabotheredofficial. However, her account is private on Instagram. She has gained more than 500 followers and is following more than 700 people there. 

Shunta Bothered Assualt Allegations- What Did She Do? 

On Twitter, Shunta Bothered is being attacked, and users have suggested that she is a pedophile. It is a mental condition where a prepubescent child is the primary or only object of sexual attraction for an adult or older adolescent. 

Before or during puberty, pedophilia first appears and remains constant over time. It is not selected; it is self-discovered. Due to these factors, pedophilia has been characterized as a sexual preference problem that is phenomenologically comparable to a heterosexual or homosexual orientation.

One of the users on Twitter wrote, "daily reminder shunta bothered is a pedophile and is still working at multiple bars in Nottingham <3."

Likewise, another user wrote, "So we all agree that @ShuntaBothered is a predator, and that person who spoke up needs to be taken seriously, right? Listen to victims. Hold people accountable."

People have constantly criticized her, and they are also blaming drag world for not standing against wrong. As one person tweeted;

"The drag world is like really really bad at not working with / promoting sexual predators. Ppl who have been outed for years as repeated predators still work gainfully and are supported by tons of other queens."

What Is Shunta Bothered Real Name?

Shunta Bothered has not revealed her real name. Thus, it remains a mystery. 

Mark Preston and Kevin Carrington, brothers-in-law, performed at a sold-out charity event on December 11 at Greasley Miners Welfare. The event aimed to raise as many funds as possible for two neighborhood charities. The performance also featured Shunta.

The all-singing, all-dancing event was able to raise £4,100 by way of ticket sales and a raffle. Danielle's Flutterbyes received a total donation of £3,600 to support the organization's critical work assisting young adults with kidney illness.

The domestic abuse organization Broxtowe Women's Project received an additional £500.

Together, Mark and Kevin have raised more than £358,000 for many charitable causes throughout their 21-year-old exceptional charity performance.

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