Who Is Dr Sona Datta? Meet The Host Of Treasures Of The Indus


Sona Datta: The Host Of Treasures Of The Indus ( Source : Behindtheseens )

Dr. Sona Datta is an acclaimed historian and writer who hosts the incredible story of diverse civilizations, religions, cultures, and glorious landscapes that make up the Indian Sub-continent.

Currently working as professional training and coaching instructor at Clore Leadership, Sona narrates the story of the Indian sub-continent told through the treasures that shaped the modern Indian world in the three-part series Treasures of the Indus on BBC Four. 

Dr. Sona Dutta is a former art historian and curator at the British Museum and currently works as a fellowship at Clore Leadership -a dynamic and inclusive resource for leaders and aspiring leaders in culture, art, and creativity. The organization aims to inspire and equip leaders to impact society through outstanding leadership of culture positively. 

Who Is Dr. Sona Datta?

Sona Dutta is an art historian and museum curator specializing in South Asia's visual culture. She began her career at the British Museum. Then, she worked as the lead curator at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, one of the most important museums in the United States of America, with significant holdings in Indian Art.

The art historian is British by birth but comes from a long-line family carrying Bengal Heritage. She is immensely knowledgable and enthusiastic and combines the outlooks of both insiders and outsiders.

Interested in art, culture, and heritage from a young age, Sona took the art history course at Kings College, the University of Cambridge, to complete her Bachelor's degree. After acquiring her Bachelor of arts in art history, she joined SOSA to complete her master's of art, where she was able to acquire a piece of vast knowledge about art and culture.

She did a research paper on temple architecture in medieval Tamil Nadu for her philosophy in a doctorate from Cardiff.

Treasures Of Indus Host's Husband

Sona Dutta was born to a Bengal family who immigrated to the United Kingdom before she was born. Her family, who comes from Bengal heritage, immigrated to the United Kingdom.

Sona is married to her work as very little information about her husband is mentioned on the internet. She loves to keep her family details to herself and her relatives only.

Sona Datta: With Her Work Family Who Worked Together To Make Treasures Of The Indus ( Source : Mobile )

According to an article on Destinations.com, art historian and cultural curator Sona is married to her loving husband and lives in London with her family. Also mentioned in the article is that she lives with two sons and her life partner at home in London.

Sona, who always loved to explore art and culture to find the history and heritage related to it, loves her work and spends most of the time with her work family, and friends. Sona, who travels around the world to unfold the mystery of the civilization via archeological findings, works with her work family and enjoys their company.

Sona Datta Net Worth As Of 2022

The museum curator, Sona's primary source of income is from her work as a fellowship at Clore Leadership which provides professional training and coaching for leaders in art and culture. She makes as much as any other member of the Clore Leadership makes.

According to data on glassdoor.co.uk, an employee at Clore Leadership earns an annual salary ranging from $35,000 to $41,000. With her years of experience in the field, Sona might make an average of $50,000 annually.

The Clore also provides cash bonuses, stock bonuses, profit sharing, and commission sharing for the selected employee. Sona, who has been working at Clore since 2019, makes handsome bonuses from the organization, adding to her net worth.

Based on the data of glassdoor.co.uk and statistical method, Sona's net worth might be around a few thousand dollars as of 2022.

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