Who Is Douglas Mackie - Why Was He Arrested? Wikipedia Bio & Age Details

Douglas Mackie used the alias Ricky Vaughn ( Source : Nydailynews )

Douglas Mackie was arrested in 2021. He faced the charges of spreading false information using social media and depriving voters of their rights. 

His name is circulating online again as Tucker Carlson revealed that the judge in the courtroom handling the case was the same Judge Bruce E. Reinhart who approved Trump's search warrant. 

Is Douglas Mackie Arrested?

Douglas Mackie was charged with a criminal complaint. He was arrested in West Palm Beach in 2021. 

Federal prosecutors claim that he and others planned to spread false information through memes and social media sites to prevent people from exercising their right to vote in the 2016 presidential election.

New York Times said he gained many Twitter followers in 2016 by posting racist and anti-Semitic jokes. His Twitter handle under an alias was ranked first among the top 150 presidential election influencers at the time by MIT Media Lab, beating out NBC News, Stephen Colbert, and Newt Gingrich.

According to the accusation, Mackey allegedly used his @TheRickyVaughn account to tweet false statements intended to persuade people who backed Donald Trump's rival to vote via text message or social media. 

Douglas Mackie alleged tweet that put him behind the bars ( Source : Buzzfeednews )

BuzzFeed News stated that at least one of his tweets sought to spread false information about voting among Hillary Clinton's Black and Hispanic followers.

As per court documents, he tweeted a picture of a Black woman holding a banner that read, "African Americans support Hillary Clinton" on November 1, 2016.

Voters may erroneously "avoid the line," according to the image, "and text to "vote from home." The image was designed to look like it was produced by the Clinton campaign, down to the small type that read: "Paid for by Hillary for President 2016".

Likewise, it is said that at least 4,900 phone numbers texted the candidate's first name to the wrong number displayed in numerous misleading campaign pictures Mackey tweeted.

Douglas Mackie Wikipedia Bio- What Is His Age?

Douglas Mackie is 32 years old. Unfortunately, his Wikipedia profile is not available yet, but his bio on Everipedia says that he is an economist. 

He was raised in Waterbury, Vermont. He is the son of Scott Mackey, a lobbyist and a former legislative assistant to the late U.S. Sen. Jim Jeffords.

After attending Harwood Union High School, he graduated from Middlebury College with an economics degree. He was identified as Ricky Vaughn, the person behind the alt-right Twitter account in 2021.

Where Is Douglas Mackie Now?

Douglas Mackie is still in limbo facing ten years of prison. Tucker Carlson, the political commentator, implied that Mackie was a victim of a Maoist plan by the newly elected Democratic administration to get revenge on its political rivals while ignoring Mackey's well-documented racist beliefs. 

He argued that even though the alleged conspiracy occurred before the 2016 election, the government arrested Doug the week following President Biden's inauguration. 

Ever since his detention, the journalist has been calling out the DOJ's persecution Of Douglas over memes And the conservatives who remained silent about his case. He argues that everyone has the right to express their opinion, and they should not be facing lawsuits for it.


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