Who Is Desiree Boltos - Where Is She Now? Wikipedia Bio Of The Sweetheart Swindler

Desiree Boltos, a woman who was arrested for scamming people. ( Source : Star-Telegram )

Desiree Boltos is an American woman who gained fame as the sweetheart swindler and landed in prison.

Six older adults were conned out of millions between January 2012 and May 2017 by a pair acting as their brothers or sisters. They were swiftly located by the cops, who eventually detained Desiree Boltos and Paul Hill.

The third installment of "The Con" on ABC News examines a cunning fraud committed by Desiree and Paul that unavoidably brought in more than $3 million.

Where Is Desiree Boltos Today? 

Desiree is currently serving her time in prison. Desiree Boltos, a Texas native, was detained in 2018 on suspicion of defrauding elderly individuals of their money by claiming to fall in love with them.

Desiree Boltos photographed inside the court. ( Source : Wfaa )

Even though Desiree was already married to her husband, Paul Hill, who was also a part of the hoax, she married one of the men she was supposed to be dating.

Through various tricks, Boltos defrauded six older adults, five men, and one woman, for US$1.6 million. The fraudster was first given an initial term of 85 years in jail, but further charges were brought, leading to additional imprisonment.

Five counts of stealing and one allegation of abusing an older adult were true against Boltos. She received jail terms of 85 years for the first count of stealing, 75 years for the second, 20 years for the third, 68 years for the fourth, 15 years for the fifth, and ten years on the charge of exploiting an aged person.

How Old Is Desiree Boltos? Her Biography Explored

Desiree is 32 years old. She is currently facing her time in prison along with her husband. The con artist started scamming older adults, and her motives were to inherit the fortune they left behind.

The jury also decided to punish her for a total of $60,000 in addition to her sentence. She had to pay the amount to make up for the victims of the fraud she and her husband, Paul Hill, committed.

Boltos wouldn't be qualified for release until she had served her time in jail for 21 years. She continues to be detained. Her story went viral worldwide, and people were shocked at the strings Desiree pulled along with her husband to scam money from people.

What Was Desiree Boltos Net Worth Before Getting Arrested?

Desiree's exact net worth was not revealed to the public; however, considering she had scammed many people for their money, she must have made a hefty sum.

She managed to scam people for about $3 million. At a Texas article office in January 2012, a 72-year-old man named Danny Barnett met a 32-year-old woman named Desiree Boltos.

Desiree told him he needed insurance so she could pay for her cancer procedures, so that's what happened. Paul Hill was identified to him as Desiree's brother. When Danny passed away in 2016, Desiree had nearly all of his savings, and he was living in an empty house.

In 2012, James Olmstead ran into Desiree at a local Texas store, which sparked a discussion. Desiree said that if he helped her financially, he might come to see her. Resting next to them on an airplane was another way Desiree achieved her goals. She entered Paul Wilbur's life in just that way. From here, her series of crimes never stopped, and she scammed many other people.


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