Who Is Dane Cook's Girlfriend? Kelsi Taylor Wikipedia Bio And Age Revealed


Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor. ( Source : Thedailybeast )

Dane Cook is an American stand-up comedian who has been with his fiance, Kelsi Taylor, for 5 years.

Dane is a very talented stand-up comedian who has been a huge part of the entertainment industry. He has always been in the eyes of the media, and so has his personal life.

His love life has always sparked interest among people as his love interest appears to be much younger than Dane. However, he recently popped the question, and the internet has been going crazy.

Who Is Kelsi Taylor? Her Bio Explored

Kelsi Taylor is not just their girlfriend and fiance of Dane, but she is also a certified Pilates and TRX instructor, according to her Instagram bio. 

Dane Cook along with his fiance, Kelsi Taylor. ( Source : People )

She loves to stay fit and often shares her workout routines on her Instagram account with her viewers. Kelsi is also a talented singer and has performed as a background vocalist in Grammy alongside many renowned singers such as Demi Lovato.

Taylor has her own Youtube channel where she shares videos of her singing from time to time. She gained popularity after she started dating Dane.

The TXR instructor and Dane's romance garnered everyone's attention very quickly. With the recent proposal, fans quickly rushed to their social media to congratulate the couple. 

What Is The Age Gap Between Kelsi Taylor And Dane Cook?

The age gap between Kelsi and Dane is about 26 years. Dane is currently 46 years old, while Kelsi is currently 23 years old. The age gap between the two has always been a topic of interest among the public.

However, the age gap does not bother Dane. Dane is deeply in love with Kelsi and does not mind sharing his feelings for his new fiance.

In several interviews, Dane has claimed that Kelsi is the one for him, and their age gap does not affect their relationship. The two get along quite well.

Explore Dane Cook And Kelsi Taylor Relationship

On August 2, 2022, Dane and Kelsi announced their engagement on Instagram after dating for five years. The news gave rise to thousands of hot memes, despite Kelsi's beautiful statement expressing how much she loves being Dane's fiancé.

Even though their relationship can be controversial regarding their age gap, the couple does not care about the backlash. They seem very happy with one another.

They have also been subjected to many online trolling and memes directed toward their age gap. However, Dane and Kelsi have been laughing the jokes off and packing their PDA on any chance they can.

The couple also does not shy away from expressing their love on their social media accounts. 

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