Who Is Cheryl Korbel? Olivia Pratt Korbel Mother Fought To Save Her As Investigation Continues


Olivia Pratt-Korbel Died Last Night After She Was Caught In The Wrong Place At Wrong Time ( Source : instagram )

A nine-year-old child, Olivia Pratt-Korbel, was fatally shot when a man being chased by a gunman forced his way into her Liverpool home.

Cheryl Korbel opened her front door after she heard a commotion outside to see what was going on. In the aftermath of the situation, her nine years old daughter was shot in the chest as Cheryl struggled with the man at the door.

The gunman chasing the other man fired indiscriminately, hitting Olivia, her mum in hand, and the man in the body. Merseyside Police reported the family had no connection with the two-man who forced their way into the house.

Chief Constable Serena Kennedy requested for anyone with information to come forward. At the press conference, she added now was not the time to remain silent.

Who Is Cheryl Korbel?

Cheryl Korbel is the mother of the nine-year-old child, Olivia, who was fatally shot in the chest. She and her daughter lived at their home on Kingsheath Avenue.

According to police reports, a 35-year-old man and another man were walking down Kingsheath Avenue in Dovecot, Liverpool, at around 10 pm on Monday. They were approached by a man holding a gun coming from the same direction, wearing all black apparel from head to toe. The gunman fired at them, and the two men ran.

Cheryl Korbel And Her Daughter Olivia Who Was Shot Dead In Her Home
Cheryl Korbel And Her Daughter Olivia Who Was Shot Dead In Her Home ( Source : theguardian )

After hearing the commotion on the streets, Cheryl Korbel opened the entrance of her house, which was diagonal across the road. The 35-year-old man saw the door opening and ran towards the door, forcing his way in, despite his best effort of Cheryl to keep him out.

Cheryl Korbel Fought To Save Her Daughter Olivia Pratt-Korbel's Life

The gunman saw what was happening and followed his prey into the house as Cheryl, 46, tried to close the door and keep him out. Instead, the gunman fired a shot that police believe hit Korbel, injuring her wrist, before fatally wounding her nine-year-old daughter Olivia, who stood behind her mother at the foot of the stairs.

Despite the horror, the assailant continued to make his way into the house, firing two consecutive shots into the upper body of a 35-year-old man.
The attacker ran away on foot, and shortly after, a black Audi car pulled up outside the house and took the now wounded 35-year-old man to the hospital.

When police arrived, looking at the situation of Olivia, they took the girl to the nearby Alder Hey children's hospital. Unfortunately, despite the best effort of the medical team, Olivia died.

Olivia Pratt Korbel Father And Family

Olivia Pratt Korbel was at home with her mother and two older siblings. However, no reports mention the father. The family of four is left shocked and terror after the unfateful event.

The whole community and the nation are mourning the deceased young girl. However, it was uneventful that a young girl with a charming smile, lovely sense of humor, and a bubbly personality was the victim of such a severe crime.

Despite the best efforts of medical experts, Olivia could not be saved and died at Alder Hey Children's Hospital. So on Tuesday, the bouquets and heartfelt cards were left on Olivia's street, Kingsheath Avenue.

Rebecca Wilkinson, Olivia's headmistress at St Margaret Mary's Catholic Junior school in Huyton, mentioned the whole school community was in shock and disbelief. She added Olivia was a much-loved member of the school with a beautiful smile and a lovely sense of humor.


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