Who Is Carla Waldman From Richmond BC? Racist Rant Explained, Where Is She Today?

Carla Waldman ( Source : Youtube )

Carla Waldman of British Columbia is a retiree who made headlines in 2019 for passing derogatory, racist comments at an Asian woman. She is a staunch opponent of antisemitism and a defender of Israel, as well as Benjamin Netanyahu, the country's prime minister.

Waldman's Facebook profile also shows that he has condemned anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism. She uploaded a now-defunct Change.org petition in 2017 urging Peterborough, Ontario, city officials to refuse the Canadian Nationalist Front's request for permission to hold a demonstration in their community.

Asian woman Amy Xu was the victim of Carla Waldman's xenophobic and racist insults. The investigation began three days prior after the video went viral.

Who Is Carla Waldman From Richmond, BC?

In 2019, a Canadian lady was anticipated to be charged with a crime after she unleashed a disturbing racial tirade at an Asian driver during a parking lot argument.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Carla Waldman of Richmond, British Columbia, said she is the white retiree who hurled racial and xenophobic epithets at Amy Xu.

When they returned from taking Xu's mother to a doctor's appointment at a mall office, Xu told the CBC they saw that someone had parked over the authorized space and was touching her car's bumper.

After berating the Asian woman in a Richmond parking lot and ordering her to return to China, Carla got some serious flak on social media. She asserted that she is not racist and that she doesn't care what others call her in an interview with CBC News.

Carla Waldman's Racist Rant Explained

The Asian woman, Xu, captured the subsequent dispute on camera with her phone before uploading it to the WeChat app, where it gained popularity before being shared on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As she makes her way back to her car in the opening of the video, Waldman insults Xu.

Waldman's Facebook page had been inundated with critical comments labeling her a racist two days after the episode went public. 

Similarly, after her racial epithet towards Asian ladies went viral, Carla Waldman became a hot issue. People have been debating and commenting on the video on Twitter and Reddit. She is getting criticized for her racism on a Reddit thread about Vancouver. On one of Waldman's various Facebook pages, people are publicly attacking the woman in addition to just making remarks about it.

On one of Waldman's various Facebook pages, people are publicly attacking the woman in addition to just making remarks about it.


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