Who Is Boxer Steve Zouski and Where Is He Today? Mike Tyson Fight Details From 1986


Mike Tyson defeated Steve Zouski in 1986 ( Source : instagram )

Steve Zouski was a former professional boxer. He took retirement in 1991 and has laid low since then. 

Mike Tyson's biography on Hulu chronicles his life story. It will showcase several fights that he had during his lifetime. And one of the most memorable matches he had was with Steve. 

Who Is Boxer Steve Zouski?- Where Is He Today?

Most of the time, Steve Zouski's name is remembered because of his fight with Geoge Foreman in 1987. He had returned to boxing after ten years of hiatus.

It was considered the most successful reversed retirement in boxing history, inspiring thousands of retired boxers to try to relive their prime.

Steve Zouski faced off George Foreman in 1987
Steve Zouski faced off George Foreman in 1987 ( Source : twitter )

Foreman retired in 1977 after he lost the fight to Jimmy Young in a unanimous decision. But, he made a comeback almost the same day he had decided to retire. He was 38 when he returned and defeated Steve via TKO in the fourth round.

However, his performance was better in the 1987 face-off because when he had faced Tyson a year earlier, he had failed to advance past the third round.

He retired in 1991 after his last fight with Jim Wisniewski. Since that, he has not appeared in public, but his fans still remember him. 

Mike Tyson And Steve Zouski Fight Details

Another memorable match was that of Mike Tyson and Steve Zouski. The fight happened a year before he faced Foreman.

Zouski had made it to the third round, but a series of uppercuts wounded Zouski and caused him to stumble. Then, Tyson snapped back Zouski's head, and he was knocked to the ground by a powerful left hook. He was able to stand only when the referee had counted to 10. 

However, following the match, Tyson gave brave Zouski credit for his performance because it was Zouski's first professional knockout. Tyson said Zouski was a game opponent and gave him a lot of credit for standing and taking some punches. 

While Zouski may not have earned titles during his career, he was considered one of those players who would leave an impact through their skills and guts. In addition, he was a strong opponent, and people knew that the match would be worth watching every time he was in the ring. 

Many boxers may not have impressive records on paper, but some can get other men into the deepest waters. The viewers expect a good match and real content in front of their eyes. 

Steve Zouski Wikipedia- Details About His Career

Steve Zouski had a short career span in boxing. Unfortunately, he has no Wikipedia bio, but people can hardly forget him.

His career lasted from 1978 to 1991. And during that course, he entered the ring on no less than 49 occasions. Then, on March 9, 1987, he was scheduled to enter the ring and face a man who was making a return.

It became his most memorable match and one for which he received a lot of attention. Although they lost in the end, some people knew that his competitor, George Foreman was still powerful although he had returned after ten years. 


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