Who Is artvangrow aka Amanda Marie Keshner? Home Depot Karen Gets Slack After Racist Rant


Amanda Marie Keshner ( Source : Ibtimes )

Amanda Marie Keshner was the woman who recorded the footage of herself harassing two home depot employees. When one of the employees was asked to leave the business, Keshner can be heard ordering her to "go back to your country" and using homophobic obscenities.

The popular video attracted a lot of interest on social media. "For your information, Amanda Marie with Art Van Grow has demonstrated in this Home Depot video that she is ineligible to provide psychedelic services to anyone. Please stay away from anyone who says they're creating a "conscious community" but then acts toward others as she did in her Home Depot post, "one user tweeted.

Who Is artvangrow, aka Amanda Marie Keshner?  Home Depot Karen and Racist Rant

Amanda Marie Keshner is a white woman who recorded herself abusing two Home Depot employees. She was being quite racist in the particular video and posted it online. This has created quite a stir on social media platforms. 

As Amanda continues to fight about spending hundreds of dollars on the company's merchandise, the black employee can be seen requesting Amanda to leave the area and exit the store repeatedly. She keeps saying, "Fire-duh, fire-duh, fire-duh."

Later, while driving, the self-described influencer launches into a tirade, "I declared, "I'm not leaving." When you're going to be nasty, return to your country, I said as I turned around. He wasn't from here, so return to your home country, I told him."

As a result, she claimed, she'd turn around and tell them to go back to their country and pick up some fucking manners before they came there.

Amanda Marie Keshner And Her Brand

Amanda has been identified as an Internet celebrity and an influencer. Further, she has a website where she has dedicated her life to inspiring people and making them do better.

She describes herself as a minimalist on a self-improvement journey, just trying to live her life honestly and encourage others to do the same! In 2017, she made the decision to start over and made a tiny cottage out of everything she could sell, and then she set off on the road.

Amanda was on a quest to discover more about herself, other people, and the environment around her while fully committing to experiences in nature, culture, and humanity.

​The past few years have seen so much improvement for herself, thanks to travel, mindfulness, spirituality, and my experiences She's there to offer music, art, and the community together with all.

She made the location so that I may cooperate and connect with people with similar views from throughout the world.

The influencer wanted to invite us to join her on this once-in-a-lifetime experience as she investigates, interacts, learns, develops, inspires, and as she tries to live the best life every day.

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