Who Is Actor Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson Playing Bakari On The Chi?

Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson, the actor who plays Bakari in The Chi ( Source : Instagram )

Showtime's The Chi is back with its new season with more Bakari on the show, making fans even more curious about the actor playing Bakari on The Chi, Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson.

The Chi is a coming-of-age drama series about connection and redemption between a group of residents after they get linked by coincidence. With great reviews and award nominations, the show has gained its standard, and its cast is getting the attention they deserve.

Who Is Actor Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson Playing Bakari On The Chi?

Actor Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson plays the role of Bakari in the drama The Chi, and his role has been getting a lot of screen time in the new season.

His character in the series portrays a young friend of Coogie who is out for revenge for his friend's death at Ronnie's hands. The young actor's character development in the series is excellent, and Ahmad did a great job portraying Bakari.

Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson as Bakari in the latest season of The Chi ( Source : Instagram )

Ferguson joined the cast of The Chi season 3 as Bakari in 2020 and significantly impacted the audience with his acting. Ahmad has been active in the acting industry since 2016 and even auditioned for a role in the show.

Ahmad was most recently seen in another series called Power Book IV in 2022 as Marshall Canon and had been gaining much more attention as his character Bakari is blowing up on the internet with the show's success.

Age Of The Actor Playing Bakari On The Showtime Show

Born on July 1, 2002, Ahmed Nicholas Ferguson, the actor playing Bakari on The Chi, is currently 20 years old and has been in the acting industry since he was 14.

Ferguson graduated from Morton College in 2020 and studied acting at the Wirt Emerson Visual and Performing Arts High Ability Academy before his acting breakthrough.

Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson in Power Book IV: Force series ( Source : Instagram )

He made his debut with his appearance as Jordan Atwater in the 2016 episode of Chicago P. D., which was around the time when he tried out for a different role in the series The Chi but got rejected. Nicholas started his career playing minor roles with brief appearances in prominent TV shows like the APB, Shameless, and Chicago Fire till 2021.

But he caught his big break in 2020 when he got cast as a Bakari in the drama series The Chi, which soon blew up in 2021; he is experiencing immense fame.

Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson's Net Worth

Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson's net worth is approximately $1 million from his acting career based on his recent success in the show The Chi. The actor has been working for more than eight years now.

Nicholas also has a massive following on his social media, especially his Instagram, where he has over 27.9k followers with only 26 posts.

The Bakari actor works with the Hayes Talent Agency and recently gave out another hit TV series called Power Book IV: Force, where he played a significant recurring role.

Ahmad is proud of the name he has made for himself and loves to promote his work on his social media, where he goes by the username @ahmadnferguson. Apart from the shows, with his internet fame, it won't be long until he gets brand endorsements and sponsorships for his Instagram since fans already love his fits.


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