Who Does Stevie Lynn Jones Play On Animal Kingdom? Meet Josh's Girlfriend Penny


Stevie Lynn Jones played the role of Penny in the season 6 episode of Animal Kingdom ( Source : instagram )

Stevie Lynn Jones is an actress who appeared as Penny in the crime television series Animal Kingdom. 

Jones is an actress well known for her role in Animal Kingdom, Shameless, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The artist started her carrer in 2012 and made her first debut in the movie Battle Force as Isabelle Dickie. She occurred in Runaways as Anne Abernathy. 

In 2012, Jones appeared in five shows, including television mini-series, television movies, and short movies. She emerged in The Gamblers: The Ledge as Kayla, Rogue as Kayla Lake, and Ho Ho Ho! as Zoe. In 2014, she made an impression in the short show Young Americans as Mercedes Harper. 

Jones seemed in Is ma Daughter Really Dead? as Hannah, Light as a Feather as Bailey on Free as a Bird and Lost as Eden, Shameless as Tahetia, I Feel Bad as Kylie, and Wake the Riderless Horse as Stacey. 

Who Does Stevie Lynn Jones Play On Animal Kingdom? 

Jones played the role of Penny in the crime series Animal Kingdom. The show centered the story based on a Southern California family whose extreme lifestyle had fueled by their illegal activities.

Jonathan Lisco directed the movie. The series mainly featured Joshua, a 17-year-old boy who moved to his relative house when his mother died of a heroin overdose. He transferred to Southern California beach town for a new beginning. 

Finn Cole and Stevie Lynn Jones bonding in the sixth season of Animal Kingdom
Finn Cole and Stevie Lynn Jones bonding in the sixth season of Animal Kingdom ( Source : twitter )

Jones acted alongside Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Cole, Ellen Barkin, Leila George, Christina Ochoa, Molly Gordon, Amaya Deva, Carolina Guerra, Spencer, Scott Speedman, Rigo Sanchez, Sohvi Rodriguez, Cody Callahan, and more. 

In the third episode of season 6, Jones played the role of Penny, and she might go on a date with Josh. The sixth and final episode of the show has arrived. In the first episode, the show shared the revenge by Pope, Deran, Josh, and Craig. They burn the shop of Gia. 

Besides this, Jones made her impression in various movies and series. She worked in the short film No Good Deed as kate and CSI: Vegas as Christy in Honeymoon in Vegas in 2021. The actress arose as Sarah Noles in 2020. 

Jones emerged in five episodes of Nacy Drew as Laura Trendy in The Sign of the Uninvited Guest, The Path of ShadowsThe Tale of the Fallen Sea Queen, The Case of the Wayward Spirit, and The Haunted Ring. 

Actor Kevin Csolak wins the audience's hearts with his latest impression in the final season of the TNT hit series Animal Kingdom.

Josh's Girlfriend Penny Character Details

In the new episode, Josh may date penny. While Pope was planning to build something, Josh planned to meet his parents for the financial case. Even in the second episode, Josh talked to his sibling and uncle about hiring a new attorney. 

Stevie Lynn Jones prototyped Penny's character helped Josh to save his money
Stevie Lynn Jones prototyped Penny's character helped Josh to save his money ( Source : twitter )

Josh scheduled a meeting with a new law firm to have an attorney. In this case, the show introduced a new role, Penny as an assistant. Penny dealt with the Josh matter before being given an attorney. The character played by Jones helped him in the financial business. 

Penny helps him to save money after appropriate consultation. The couple met at a bar for their business work. After a drink, Penny disclosed to Josh about her husband serving outside the country in the military. 

Jones appeared for a short period in the series. However, she made an impact on the audience. 

Actress Stevie Lynn Jones Is 26-Year-Old

Jones is currently 26 years old. She was born in Los Angeles, California, United States, on October 22, 1995. At a young age, she made guise in the Battle Force. Also, she played on various television platforms. She made her first television series debut in Runaways in 2012. 

After one year gap, Jones played the character of Beth Ann Gibson in the television series Crisis. She appeared in thirteen episodes of the series, including World's Best Dad, 'This Wasn't Supposed to Happen,' Best Laid Plans, Found, You Do Not Know War, and more. 

Stevie Lynn Jones impacted the audience from her role in Animal Kingdom
Stevie Lynn Jones impacted the audience from her role in Animal Kingdom ( Source : twitter )

Jones emerged as Kendall Wilson in the Unforgettable in the sequence Admission. She even arrived in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Tensley Evans in the sequel Producer's Backend. She arose as Emily in A Teenage Drama. 

In 2015, Jones arrived in Bones as Anissa Green in The Senator in the Street Sweeper. In 2016, she worked in Scream: The TV series as Anna Hobbs in Halloween Special. In 2017, the actress emerged in Criminal Minds as Bea Adams in Seek, Destroy, Something in the Night as Laura, The Tribes of Palos Verdes as Heather, and The Angry River as Lera. 

Sohvi Rodriguez, a Nicaraguan actress, is acknowledged for her character as Mia Benitez in the American Drama TV Series Animal Kingdom.


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