Who Are Dominick Cruz Siblings And Parents? Details We Know About The UFC Fighter's Family

American professional mixed martial artist Dominick Cruz ( Source : Instagram )

Dominick Cruz is one of the extremely few MMA competitors who have the winning formula figured out to win. He has only lost twice in his pro MMA career, thanks to his strength, speed, and uncommon ability to surprise his opponents during a bout.

Dominick, who is already regarded as one of the all-time great fighters, was born in Arizona, the United States, and worked a few odd jobs before fighting professionally.

Dominick began in World Extreme Cage Fighting, and after UFC acquired it, he almost became unbeatable. On July 2, 2011, he faced off against Urijah Faber in the Ultimate Fighting Championship ring for the first time. He prevailed via unanimous decision.

Does Dominick Cruz Have A Brother? All We Know About His Siblings 

Dominick Cruz has two siblings. Derek Cruz is his brother, while Anika Howe is his step-sister. On his brother's birthday, Dominick posted a photo of himself and his brother Derek.

"Happy birthday, Derek Cruz," Cruz wrote. "I'm fortunate to spend your birthday weekend with you! Everything Love." There are no further facts available regarding his siblings.

Dominick made his MMA debut in 2007 when he faced Eddie Castro in a contest organized by the modestly known company RITC: 67. On January 29, 2007, Dominick defeated his opponent by way of a split decision, giving him his first professional victory. 

Dominick Cruz with his brother ( Source : Instagram )

Dominick got off to a tremendous start, and the confidence he gained there helped him win several fights in a row after that. And he experienced success at a time when he hadn't even begun practicing full-time.

He went unbeaten in the following nine fights, winning the Combat Lightweight and Featherweight titles. No matter how skilled his opponents were, his techniques were unique and nearly impregnable.

As word of Dominick's performance spread, World Extreme Cagefighting became aware of him, and Dominick made his WEC debut on March 24, 2007, losing badly to Urijah Faber.

Meet Dominick Cruz Parents 

Dominick Cruz, who was born on September 3, 1985, to a Mexican family in Arizona, didn't exactly have a "perfect upbringing." Since childhood, he has dealt with his father's drug addiction and witnessed his mother, Suzette Howe, struggle financially to support her children.

After his mother and father divorced, Dominick's father was away for most of his life.

His grandmother and mother primarily nurtured Dominick. Cruz discovered happiness away from the problems in his family through athletics, and as a 7th grader, he was introduced to the sport of wrestling.

Dominick Cruz childhood picture with his mother ( Source : Instagram )

He recounts that while he was interviewing for soccer, he, by chance, saw two wrestlers engaging in combat and became interested in it. The first seeds were planted when the coach approached the youngster who was waiting at the door and asked him if he wanted to wrestle.

After that, Dominick's life revolved around wrestling, and he competed throughout high school. However, injuries forced him to give up the sport during his college years, and it was difficult to pursue his dream of being a professional wrestler, so his mother urged him to begin working as soon as he graduated.

Dominick Cruz Family 

Dominick Cruz's family consists of his father, mother, brother, and sister. He had a difficult childhood growing up. 

He paid for college by working at the public parking lots of sketchy hotels, followed by shifts in bars and restaurants. After working a few odd jobs, he eventually landed a solid position coaching teenage wrestlers at a local high school in Arizona.

He was pursuing a career as a firefighter by attending a community college. He started boxing in a Tucson gym when he became dissatisfied with the direction his life was taking, and from there, he rose to the position of a professional wrestler.

Due to his mental health concerns with anxiety in enclosed quarters and on airplanes, Dominick is an avid dog lover and has a therapy dog. Despite Dominick's success in keeping his personal life out of the public eye, reports say he has been dating Kenda Perez for a while.

He brings his mother to most of his public appearances as they are pretty close.


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