Where Is Valerie Parr Hill From QVC Show Today? Fans Notice The Absence of The TV Host

Valerie Parr Hill's home accessories have made her a household name ( Source : Instagram )

Valerie Parr Hill is an American interior designer, businesswoman, published author, and TV personality. She has also served in the government.

Valerie Parr Hill is well-known and well-known for hosting on QVC. One of the most popular shopping network hosts on television is Parr Hill. She has worked as an anchor for QVC, the shopping network TV channel, since 1993. Let's discover about her current whereabouts and more. 

Where Is Valerie Parr Hill From QVC Show Today?

Valerie Parr Hill is back on QVC Show after a small break. She announced her return to the show with an Instagram post. She wrote, "Hey Val Pals!! I’m so excited to be back at QVC! Here’s a preview of our set. We’ll be live at midnight with Harvest!"

Valerie didn't mention her reason for not appearing on the show. Dr. Eugene Q. Parr & Joan Lykins Parr gave birth to Valerie, who also had two brothers. She was conceived on April 25, 1958. Her upbringing took place in Rochester, Minnesota.

In 2019, her father, an orthopedic surgeon, passed away. Her mother worked as a teacher who taught at the Immanuel Baptist Church Sunday School, and he completed his residency there.

Her brother Eugene served as the State University of Morehead's Baptist Campus Minister, and her brother Jeff, like their father, is an orthopedic physician. William Hill, her spouse, is a native of Long Island. In the year 1985, they both got married to each other. Gene and Jefferey Hill are her two sons. She resided in Montville, New Jersey, with her family.

Both of her boys have earned college degrees. When she aired her first show on QVC, her oldest child, Gene, was just six months old. Will, Valerie's husband, and Gene were staying at the hotel close to QVC and were viewing from their room.

What Happened To Valerie Parr Hill? Is She Leaving QVC Show?

Valerie Parr Hill took a brief break from hosting her QVC show. She has already returned to host the show while not genuinely having departed.

For her educational background, she attended Glendover Elementary School and Tates Creek High School, where she graduated in 1975. She received a Master's degree from Wheaton College in Illinois.

Valerie Parr Hill in the frame ( Source : Instagram )

After graduating, Valerie worked for the government in the 1980s while raising money for colleges of the arts, animal conservation, and higher education. In the year 1991, she established her own business, which she called The Valerie Parr Company. She published her entirely handwritten (by her) home d├ęcor book, Decorating for Holidays, in October of the year 2000.

Valerie Parr Hill Net Worth 

Valerie Parr's estimated net worth is one million dollars, although her accomplishments indicate that she is more than that. She achieved tremendous heights with her commitment, hard work, a decent upbringing, and a loving family. She has a happy and lavish life.

On Open Vendor Day in 1993, she went to QVC and brought ten wreaths to give the customer. She praised them and suggested that we make wreaths for an entire hour. The result was Valerie's debut show. The show finished 20 minutes early to everyone's satisfaction because everything was sold out.

Owned by Qurate Retail Group, QVC is an American free-to-air television network and premier retail channel that specializes in televised home shopping. Joseph Segel founded QVC in West Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1986.

It now has channels in the UK, Germany, Japan, and Italy, as well as a joint venture named CNR Mall in China with China National Radio. QVC reaches more than 350 million homes worldwide.


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