Where Is Steven Strube Today? Heather Strube Husband And Why Did They Got Separated?

  Steven Strube with his late wife Heather Strube. ( Source : )

Steven Strube is the husband of the late florist and mom Heather Strube who got killed by her mother-in-law at the young age of 25; she was gone too soon.

Heather was born on the 20th of April 1984 in the United States. But sadly, she knocked on the heavens door on the 26th of April 2009 in Georgia, USA. Strube was an alma mater of Shiloh High School, Auburn University, and Perimeter College.

Where Is Steven Strube Today?

Steven Strube is probably living an ordinary life and has moved on with his new lover after his precious wife got shot in the head by his mother.

Steven stood at his mothers trial.
Steven stood at his mothers trial. ( Source : Thecinemaholic )

Following the murder of his then-wife with whom he shared a son, Strube appeared in a few documentary series as Heather's husband, including On the Case with Paula Zahn in 2011, Snapped in 2012, and Murder Calls in 2018. 

Likewise, in 2020, Steven had credits in archive footage of See No Evil and Forensic Files II as per the information available on his IMDB profile. However, he has maintained a low profile and does not seem active on social networking sites, so sketchy intel about him is available.

What Is Heather Strube's Husband Doing Now?

As per a source, Heather's husband Steven works as a Vice President of Elite Awnings Inc., which he joined in May of 2014 and has been a part of the company for almost a decade.

Before joining the company, he served as a maintenance supervisor at Glass Ratner Advisory from July 2009 to November 2012 and an estimator at Piedmont Landscape Contractors, LLC, from October 2007 to July 2009.

Heather with her husband and their baby.
Heather with her husband and their baby. ( Source : Findagrave )

Thus, during Strube's demise, on the 26th of April 2009, he was a part of Piedmont Landscape Contractors. Likewise, he graduated from Georgia State University and did his schooling at Parkview High School.

However, it is yet to confirm if the vice president is the significant other of the late victim of a gunshot; moreover, we apologize in advance if he appears to be a different person with a similar tag. 

Meet Heather Strube's Mother-In-Law

Heather got killed by her mother-in-law Joanna Hayes, who tried to plead not guilty until the last moment; she disguised herself as a man wearing a wig and mustache while shooting her daughter-in-law to death.

Strube was going through a divorce and shared custody of her son, then 18-month-old Carson, with her husband; live every typical day, she met Steven at the parking lot in Target to exchange Carson, which went like clockwork.

As soon as the father and son left, she fought with an individual who blocked her way and shot her to death, and someone witnessed the whole incident. Although the shooter got caught in the surveillance tape, they couldn't identify the suspect due to her disguise; it was a planned murder. 

Where Is Joanna Hayes Now?

After investigating for months, Joanna got what she deserved, people could arrest her, and she got sentenced to a lifetime in prison; thus, the murderer is behind bars.

The police narrowed down the suspect and finally caught up with the case when a truck driver saw someone with a white pickup truck taking pictures of the shopping center and looking at it through binoculars; the vehicle belonged to Hayes. Moreover, when the interrogator showed Steve the footage from the parking lot, he got shaken and identified that person as his mother.

The murderer of Heather Strube, Joanna Hayes.
The murderer of Heather Strube, Joanna Hayes. ( Source : Dailymail )

Even so, she vehemently denied the allegations and stuck to her words of being innocent until the prosecutors could convince the Jurors, and they charged her guilty of murder on the 27th of May 2011. Although the convict can apply for parole in 2041, she will have to spend the rest of her life in prison.

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