Where Is Moe Gibbs In 2022? Mindy Morgenstern Murder Timeline and Case Updates

 Moe Gibs ( Source : Oxygen )

Moe Gibbs is currently serving for his deeds in prison after the court found him guilty.

In September 2006, Mindy Morgenstern brutally got murdered in her own home. Later on, after a thorough investigation, the officers found Moe Gibbs guilty of killing her. 

That day, she was out of contact for a while, and it was pretty unusual for her not to pick up the phone or not return the call. 

Her worried friends then came to her apartment to check on her; however, what they saw left them devastated. They found her deceased body in a place with a foul smell. 

Investigation Discovery covered the murder story in the episode "Murder in the Heartland." 

Where Is Moe Gibbs In 2022?

In 2022 Moe Gibbs is serving his prison sentence for the 2006 brutal murder case of Mindy Morgenstern. The jury has convicted him of the rape, murder, and sexual assault charges. 

After going through a murder trial several times, the court found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison with no possibility of parole in November 2007. 

After two years of the sentence, in 2009, he filed an appeal, but the Supreme Court rejected him. He then again filed a petition claiming an improper police investigation and judicial misconduct. 

The officers found a lead against him at the time after the traced DNA evidence found in the victim's left fingernails. With Mindy's case and a criminal background check on him, they discovered that he previously served over five years for the conviction of attempted murder in Fort Leavenworth. 

Also, he spent 15 more years in the 2004 Fargo rape case and attacking female inmates. 

Moe Gibbs found guilty of 2006 murder
Moe Gibbs found guilty of 2006 murder ( Source : Inforum )

Mindy Morgenstern Murder Timeline And Obituary- What Happened?

Mindy Morgenstern was a senior college student when she became the victim of murder. She died after getting strangled and stabbed in her own apartment in Valley City, North Dakota. 

She was a young 22-years woman whose deceased body got discovered after her concerned friends came to check on her after she went contactless. With the devastating news, her loved ones tributed her and announced the obituary. 

When her friends arrived at the scene, there was an empty bottle with a drenched body; she still had her keys and purse strap on her right arm. 

Calvin Dupree, a special agent, mentioned, "There was a belt wrapped around her neck, and there appeared to be a broken-off knife still stuck in her throat."

Is Moe Gibbs On Wikipedia? Case Update 

No, Moe Gibbs is not available on the Wikipedia page. The case got solved with him getting convicted of the murder, sexual assault, and rape charges. 

Also, Investigation Discovery has come up with an episode covering a young woman's 2006 brutal murder case. The victim's family and friends still seem to recall her in the present day.  

Meanwhile, Moe is spending his life in prison. Meanwhile, North Dakota correction facilities have made several changes to run criminal background checks. 

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