Where Is Juror Richelle Nice Now? Scott Peterson Trial, How Did He Kill Wife Laci Peterson?

Juror Richelle Nice in 2004 during the Scott Peterson trial ( Source : Cbsnews )

Juror Richelle Nice, who was a massive part of the infamous murder of Laci Peterson trial against Scott Peterson, recently appeared as a witness for the retrial of Peterson.

The juror, accused of being biased during the first trial of the husband who murdered his pregnant wife, made quite an impact during her first appearance at the trial years ago.

Where Is Juror Richelle Nice Now?

Juror Richelle Nice was one of the jurors on the infamous Scott Peterson trial for the preplanned murder of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, and his child, who is currently an aspiring hair and makeup artist.

She recently appeared on the new trial against Peterson earlier this year, accused of being biased in her decision.

Unlike her former appearance with bright red hair and outspoken, confident personality, Nice was more reserved and controlled this time as a witness. The former juror does not have her famous red hair, which won her the nickname of Strawberry Shortcake during the 2004 trial.

Former Juror Richelle Nice appearance in 2022 Scott Peterson trial as a witness ( Source : Nypost )

After the Scott Peterson trial more than 15 years ago, Nice went on to star in a movie and documentaries about the prosecution and co-wrote a book about the trial.

However, the trial left her with many mental health issues, and she got admitted to San Mateo Medical Center psychiatric ward, which she is still dealing with at present. But the former juror worked many jobs over the years and finally enrolled in cosmetology school in San Mateo.

Scott Peterson Trial Update

Scott Peterson's trial gained a lot of attention to the point there was a documentary on the murder case of Laci Peterson. An individual who stood out during the murder trial was Juror Richelle Nice.

Her appearance and words after the trial ended made her famous, but now her words are acting against her. Her bright red hair was the reason for her nickname Strawberry Shortcake as she stood out in the courtroom.

Richelle Nice outside the courthouse after Scott Peterson trial in 2004 ( Source : Nypost )

However, she failed to mention that she was a victim of domestic abuse from her ex-boyfriend, which Scott's attorney is using against her accusing her of being biased against the murder suspect.

In the recent trial of Scott Peterson, his defense argued that the former juror joined the jury with plans of getting the suspect convicted. But the witness denied having such claims and clarified that she was not a victim of domestic abuse.

Her letters to Scott were not helpful either, as she had written multiple letters to the prisoner in prison from the psychiatric ward.

How Did Scott Kill Wife Laci Peterson?

Scott Peterson never admitted to killing his wife Laci Peterson, but he had a clear motive and preplanned the murder, according to the police.

The suspect reported his pregnant wife missing after he came back from fishing in early December 2002. Later the cops found out that Peterson had been having an affair with another lady in disguise as a widow.

The investigators narrowed Scott's motive for murdering his wife with this crucial information. A couple on a walk discovered his wife and child's mutilated bodies at the lake where he claimed to have gone fishing.

Scott Peterson during a recent trial in 2022 ( Source : Cbsnews )

All the evidence pointed to Scott murdering his pregnant wife and his unborn child, but the man did not plead guilty and got sentenced to death row for the first-degree murder of his wife and second-degree murder of his child.

But with retrials in the earlier years, his death row got overturned with life imprisonment without parole sentence for the culprit.


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