Where Is John Mcafee Daughter Jen Mcafee Today? Netflix's New Documentary Raises Questions


John McAfee Daughter ( Source : instagram )

According to the internet, John Mcafee's daughter Jen McAfee is fighting to return her father's body to her.

The former computer genius and entrepreneur John has been missing for three months. His wife, Janice Dyson, has filed for a divorce, and the pair had three children. As a result, their relationships have become a matter of controversy.

This piece on John McAfee's Daughter will illuminate the netizens about the proof concerning John McAfee's daughter Jen McAfee. So compassionately read along to find out about her whereabouts and genuine personality.

Where Is John Mcafee Daughter Jen Mcafee Today?

Funzalo claims that there is proof to help Jen's citizenship. As per the reports, John's daughter works for an organization in America. In addition, Jen McAfee's attorney Joy Athanasiou cites that Jen truly adored her father despite his extraordinary lifestyle as a convicted criminal. 

John's daughter mentioned that she never felt comfortable with his way of life. However, despite his ill approach to life, John's daughter Jen sincerely adored him.

Jen McAfee, the daughter of the pioneer creator of best-selling anti-virus software, John McAfee, raised questions after she publically appeared after John's wife appealed the Spanish court ruling. The Spanish law enforcement attested John in Spain for US tax evasion charges.

Within a year of his arrest, the authorities found him dead in his prison cell due to an apparent suicide. The new Netflix docuseries Running With The Devil unravels the finals years powered by drugs and paranoia of tech tycoon John McAfee.

Jen McAfee Age: How Old Is The Daughter Of John McAfee?

During an interview with The Sun, John McAfee claimed that his children were between 16 and 47 years old. In 2016, he uploaded a picture of his daughter, Nyana on Facebook, who at that time seemed like in her teen.

Based on the facts, Jen was confirmed to be around 19 years old in her late teen. The computer antivirus software mastermind once claimed that he had 47 kids and 61 grandchildren. 

John did not seemed to be bothered by his staggeringly large family, by anyone's standard. However, he did not seemed to care the enormous figure. 

John committed suicide inside his prison cell and seven months after his deminis, his widow, Janice, appleaded the court to find the original autopsy report. The lawyer of McAfee's daughter, Joy Athanasiou mentioned to MarketWatch that uncertain ertherr the courl will rule on her reconsideration.

John McAfee's Daughter Jen McAfee Net Worth

John's net worth at the time of his demise was $4 million. McAfee's net worth was as high as $100 million during his prime career. 

After resigning as McAfee Antivirus Company's chief executive, he sold his stock holdings. However, he lost most of his wealth due to bad investments and lifestyle choices.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, McAfee's series of bad investments, including a large wager on Lehman Brothers' bond, cost him millions and compelled him to sell real estate and assets for pennies on the dollar.

McAfee tweeted from prison a week before his death mentioning that he had nothing as the United States authorities confiscated all of his assets. He cited the US believed he had hidden crypto. He added all his assets were dissolved through the many hands of Team McAfee, and his remaining wealth was seized.

Who Is The Mother Of John McAfee's Daughter Jen McAfee?

John McAfee married three times; he met his first wife circa 1968 while studying for a doctorate at Northeast Louisiana State College. She was an undergraduate at the university. The couple divorced later after their affair led to his expulsion from the doctorate program.

Speculating the information on the internet, Jen might be the daughter of John's first wife. A picture uploaded by Mark Eglinton on his Twitter profile shows John with his daughter in 1974. 

John McAfee Introducing His Step-Daughter Nayana Through Facebook
John McAfee Introducing His Step-Daughter Nayana Through Facebook ( Source : facebook )

The software pioneer John married a former flight attendant and yoga enthusiast, Judy as his second wife. Reportedly he did not have any children with his second and third wives. Hence Jen Macfee's mother might be the first wife of John McAfee.

Considering John's three marriages, his daughter Jen McAfee had three mothers; one maternal mother and two stepmothers. 


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