Where Is Jeremy Dewitte Now? Is Police Impersonator Released Or Still In Jail?

  Jeremy Dewitte Is A Habitual Felon, Sex Offender, And Serial Police Impersonator From Florida ( Source : Youtube )

Orlando, a Florida-based person Jeremy Dewitte is well known for his work as a police impersonator. He is convicted of falsely impersonating a police officer and is serving his sentence at Orange County Jail.

He served 110 days of his sentence and was sentenced to 18 months in prison in September 2021.

Jeremy Dewitte Charges: Where Is He Now?

On a $5,000 bond, he is currently held in the Orange County jail. Impersonating an officer without authorization is a third-degree felony. According to Florida Statute 843.08, someone who falsely asserts or pretends to be a law enforcement officer takes it upon themselves to act as a law enforcement officer who has committed the offense of Falsely Impersonating an Officer.

Jeremy Dewitte Founded Metro-State Special Services In 2010
Jeremy Dewitte Founded Metro-State Special Services In 2010 ( Source : Cracked )

Dewitte's numerous cameras and phones were eventually seized as evidence after an arrest. At this point, it was discovered that Dewitte had been recording almost every escort on a bodycam in an apparent attempt to mimic law enforcement procedures. Additionally, he often recorded phone calls with people, most notably his mistress.

Dewitte was charged with further counts of impersonation and felony wiretapping due to this video. This film has received tens of millions of views on YouTube due to his almost comical infractions of the law caught on camera and the outrageousness of his entire narrative.

Net Worth Of Police Impersonator In 2022

Jeremy Dewitte never revealed his financial ta to the public. However, he is known for establishing his company, Metro-State Special Services, in 2010, a company offering funeral escorts using vehicles and motorcycles. He quickly pretended to be a member of law enforcement using this company.

He outfitted his vehicles with lights and sirens, chose uniforms that were almost exact reproductions of those used by law enforcement, and referred to his workers as officers. He wore a bulletproof vest, a duty belt, and a pepper ball pistol. He also carried handcuffs and a badge. Dewitte was notorious for stopping drivers, blocking junctions, and directing traffic without permission while serving as a funeral escort.

Jeremy Dewitte's Wikipedia

Dewitte was born to Ursula Dewitte-Vogt and Victor Dewitte in Pasco County, Florida. He just attended Valencia Community College for a short time and never completed it. Then, in 1998, Dewitte was charged with gasoline theft while participating in a police explorer program.

Jeremy Dewitte Was Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison And Given Credit For 110 Days Served
Jeremy Dewitte Was Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison And Given Credit For 110 Days Served ( Source : Wesh )

He displayed his explorer badge and told the attendant at the petrol station that he was law enforcement and would return the next day to pay for the gas. Soon after, he was accused of impersonating a police officer for the first time and found guilty.

He was charged with and found guilty of lewd and lascivious conduct against a child between the ages of 12 and 15 in 2005. He insists that they met in a pub and that she had a phony ID while, in reality, the victim was the friend's child that Dewitte was allowed to watch over.

He is now compelled to register as a sex offender due to his conviction. In addition, he has been charged with numerous further offenses for failing to register.

Who Is Jeremy Dewitte's Wife?

Rania Dewitte is the name of Jeremy Dewitte's spouse. Jeremy Dewitte and Rania Abdelrahman have been wed for approximately 17 years. Rania is an adult immigrant from Egypt to the US. Jerremy married her in 2005. Dewitte has repeatedly been accused of domestic against both his wife. He threw a cell phone at his wife's head in one incident.

Given that both his mistress and Dewitte are chronic liars, several people doubt the veracity of her claims. Nevertheless, some credible evidence supports that Dewitte's mistress made false statements or reported him to the police for selfish reasons.

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