Where Is Fox Sports Reporter Colin Cowherd - Is He Sick Or On Vacation Today?


An American media personality Colin Cowherd hosting his show 'The Herd' ( Source : 247Sports )

Time to find out whether your host Colin Cowherd is on vacation or actually sick, when will he air back?

Colin Cowherd is a popular American media personality who hosts hourly long talk shows and podcasts on Fox Sports.

Colin who joined Fox in September 2015, currently runs multiple shows. Including, a three-hour-long sports talk program, "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" which airs on the dedicated radio station iHeart, along with Fox Sports 1 on weekdays.

Not to mention, his podcast "The Colid Cowherd" airs on Fox Sports Radio and has millions of admirers who tune in to hear his opinionated but influential talk. His podcast is a big hit in the sports industry. 

Is Fox Sports Reporter Colin Cowherd Sick Or On Vacation?

Colin Cowherd's recent absence from Fox Sports studio raises questions among his frantic fan about whether he has health concerns or enjoying vacation.

To clear the air, Colin recently tweeted that he had Covid but tested negative for the test after a few days' rest. The sports personality is frequently seen on his programs however, due to his noticeable absence on recent screens, the show's followers were second-guessing his current whereabouts. 

While it may have appeared to the viewer, Colin is actively seen working in the studio, the talk show host really was not. During his quarantine period, Collin continued hosting his show The Herd and his podcast but didn't reveal about his health situation.

Colin Cowherd seen hosting his show 'The Herd' at Fox Sports studio ( Source : Twitter )

Not until one of his recent tweets where he revealed he had Covid and mentioned he tested negative after a couple of days of home quarantine. Washington native cleared the rumors going around his supposed vacation.

So, Colin Cowherd is not on a vacation and is definitely no longer sick as announced he beat the flu. The host of The Herd will air back on TV on August 2. The TV host will be present at Fox Sports studio joining his colleagues.

Colin Cowherd's Wife Amy Is Actually His Third

The Fox Sports reporter, Colin Cowhead was married to Kimberly Ann Vadala on March 30, 1996, and stayed together until their divorce in 2007. The former couple had two children to their name. After their breakup, the duo kept their cool to co-parent the kids.

The sportscaster mentioned his recent divorce with Ann on May 24, 2007, on his show 'Thundering Herd'. A while after, revealing he already had a divorce before Ann, his supposed first wife.

However, the television personality didn't want to go further with his surprising statement. So, information regarding his first wife still remains a mystery

Colin Cowherd tweeting about his wife not being around and having him watch over kids, was he having fun ( Source : Twitter )

Two years after the meltdown, the reporter shared the wedding vows with his third wife, Amy Cowherd on June 20, 2010. The pair are blessed with two incredible children and have been together for more than 12 years now. Colin seems happy with his wife and the kids.

Quick Walkthrough Cowherd Family & Early Life

Colin Cowherd was born to his parents Charles and Patricia Cowherd on January 6, 1964. Born and bred in Washington, Cowherd had a rough childhood as his parents split up soon, and his mother looked after Colin and his only sibling, Marlene.

The TV host would describe his early life as lonely as he usually sat on the roof listening to baseball commentary on the radio. Cowherd went to Westports' Ocosta High School to earn his diploma.

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