Where Is Edward Vollmer Navy Now? Conway Utterback Murder And Case Timeline

  Criminal Edward Vollmer In Behind The Bars ( Source : Ajc )

A Former Navy crewman got executed in Georgia for killing a fellow sailor whose remains were found buried in two states.

Court documents show Hittson went with Utter back and fellow Sailor Edward Vollmer to the home of Vollmer's parents in Warner Robins, Georgia. Hitson and Vollmer went out of drinking and killed Utterbeck while returning home, hitting his body with the saw.

Hittson's attorneys had told clemency, arguing that Hittson was very remorseful, and Vollmer manipulated him to kill Utterback. Vollmer. Who deals with prosecutors is serving a life sentence for the killing.

Moreover, Hittson's lawyer had argued his life should not be in jail because Vollmer manipulated him into killing Utterback. The lawyer tries to make him innocent, though he gets punished for living his whole life behind bars.

Furthermore, Conway Utterback was murdered by Edward Vollmer and Hitson's attorney. Many viewers want to know where he is now and what he is doing; let's learn about it in this article.

Where Is Edward Vollmer Navy Now? 

The Sailor's crewmate, Edward Vollmer, was convicted of the murder and is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

Travis Hittson Who Helped Edward In Attempting Murder
Travis Hittson Who Helped Edward In Attempting Murder ( Source : Oxygen )

However, we tried to dig deep to find out about his life behind bars, but currently, there is no data about him on the internet. We could only find out that he got punished with life-long jail for killing innocent people.

The criminal will continue to spend his whole life behind bars, accused of killing his crewmate Utterback. Utterback families are still demanding strict punishment for killing their family members.

In addition, the Sailor has not been released yet from bars as of the court decision; as per the court's decision, he has to send his life sentence in prison.

Conway Utterback Murder And Case Timeline

Navy Conway Utterback was murdered in Georgina by crewmate Edward Vollmer and Hittson's attorneys.

On June 16, 1992, a mutilated body was found, and it was identified as 20 years old Navy Seaman Conway Utterbeck's body. Utterback's head, hands, and feet got cut off when they found the body.

Moreover, A scar near his left knee was one of the few clues to identify him. Detective tried to identify the body using missing reports for a week when the Naval investigator was on a base in Pensacola.

Even without using fingerprints or dental records, investigators were confident the body was of Utterback. He had an injury near his knee that needed surgery. 

In addition, the criminal told the investigator that he used a hacksaw to cut off Utterbeck's hands, head, and feet. After cutting, the criminal packed Utterbeck's body parts into a garbage bag and buried his body in Houston Country and extremities in Pensacola. 

Edward Vollmer Criminal Charges

Edward Vollmer has got charged with life-long punishment behind bars in the case of murder.

Vollmer pleads guilty to murder charges to avoid the death penalty. He was sentenced to life-long prison by the court.

In this crime, Vollmer's crewmate Hittson was also involved in the crime. "Hittson was the perfect puppet for Vollmer," said Kelley. Edward took advantage and manipulated him to attempt the crime.

In addition, both criminals got arrested for killing their crewmates and had to stay behind bars for their lives.

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