Where Is Eddie Mair Going? Is He Leaving LBC Because Of An Illness? What Happened To Him?

Eddie Mair is set to retire from boradcasting ( Source : Bbc )

Eddie Mair is a former BBC radio and television presenter. He left the network and joined LBC in 2018. 

He is going to retire this year and wants to take a rest and spend time with himself too. He had four decades-long career in the industry. 

Where Is Eddie Mair Going?

Eddie Mair left BBC in 2018. He had earned between £300,000 and £350,000 from the BBC in 2016-17. However, many news sources claimed that he reportedly refused to accept a pay reduction as part of the BBC's gender equality adjustments, according to The Guardian.

But, he later denied not agreeing to a pay reduction policy. He said he had offered to take the cuts before, but it still tickled him when he read about how he denied taking them.

Nonetheless, he said that he felt like it was better to leave. So then, he joined LBC and presented his show between 4 pm and 6 pm every weekday.

However, he has announced his retirement in March 2022. One of his friends said that Mair expressed his displeasure at having an hour of his show cut short to make room for Andrew Marr, the BBC's brand-new big star. But, the presenter did not address these issues.

The broadcaster is retiring and may not go anywhere now. 

Is Eddie Mair Leaving LBC Because Of An Illness?

Eddie Mair is leaving LBC. He announced the news in March 2022. His listeners were aware of the fact but still expressed how saddened they were as the day of his departure came near. 

He was set to leave on his fourth anniversary of joining the network. However, he is not leaving because of an illness. Instead, he thinks he does not have much time on his hands. 

Eddie Mair Abruptly Ended His Job In BBC and Joined LBC in 2018 ( Source : Lbc )

He has spent four decades of his life in the industry. During the coronavirus pandemic, he thought about this life and the future ahead. He said he wanted to have a little time for himself before taking his last breath. 

He had already told his bosses and friends about his plans to leave in 2020. He said he would continue to listen to the radio channel. He will now just be a listener. 

What Happened To Eddie Mair? 

Eddie Mair is set to leave LBC in August 2022. The presenter is about to retire as he wants to spend time with himself as well. 

Fans are saddened to hear that they will not be able to listen to him on the radio anymore. Some even said that LBC would have difficulty finding someone like him, writes Mirror. 

On the other hand, Mair had said he wanted to hand over his job to someone new and wished them all the best too. Nonetheless, he is said to be one of the finest broadcasters, and some fans believe it would be difficult to find anyone who could top him.


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