Where Is Dhakota Williams Today? Carl Williams Daughter Update, What Happened To Roberta Williams?


Dhakota Williams along with her mother. ( Source : instagram )

Dhakota Williams is the daughter of Crime Kingpin, Carl Williams and she is very active on her social media account in recent times.

Dhakota is the daughter of Carl and Roberta Williams. She has lived an extraordinary life being showered in cash from an early age and unbelievable has been her normal throughout.

Her popularity was not entirely her own. It stemmed from being the only child of Carl Williams, Australia's most prominent mobster for most of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Where Is Dhakota Williams Today? Carl Williams Daughter Update

Her gangland father Carl Williams' drug money helped her to be born into a life of luxury. Dhakota Williams, a former underworld heiress, and her mother, Roberta, started a GoFundMe campaign, begging for Australians to donate $50,000 to bankroll their next step in 2019.

Dhakota Williams on an Instagram post.
Dhakota Williams on an Instagram post. ( Source : novafm )

Dhakota is currently 21 years old and is very active on her social media platforms. The daughter of dead criminal lord Carl Williams startled her social media fans by posing in a topless photo with her mother and a friend.

The 21-year-old, who celebrated her birthday in March, also clutched a balloon with the words "Birthday Princess" and posed for a cheerful photo with her mother, Roberta.

She has also opened up about being bullied online for her weight and her appearance. With The amount of exposure she has received, it is nothing new that she encountered some online trolls. 

Ms. Williams has over 37,000 Instagram followers, with whom she shares bits of her life in Melbourne, such as elegant nights out and raunchy photos.

What Happened To Roberta Williams?

Despite flaunting her opulent lifestyle on social media, Roberta Williams will spend the rest of her life on taxpayer-funded assistance.

She is best known as the widow of gangland killer, Carl Williams from Melbourne. However, he had dumped her before he was killed in April 2010 by prison enforcer Matthew Johnson.

He had been serving his time in jail for the murders of three people and conspiracy to murder a fourth person. He was serving 35 years in prison. Even though she appears on social media living a good lifestyle, she is currently functioning as a Taxpayer fund assistant. 

Who Is Carl Williams?

Carl Williams was a convicted murderer and drug trafficker from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He was both the major figure and the final victim in the Melbourne gangland killings.

He was condemned to life in jail without the possibility of release for ordering the deaths of three persons and conspiring to murder a fourth person, which was unsuccessful. Williams was beaten to death with the stem of an exercise bike by another convict, Matthew Charles Johnson, on April 19, 2010, while jailed at HM Prison Barwon.

Williams enlisted the assistance of individuals eager to carry out the contract killings in exchange for substantial sums of money. He was in the high-security Acacia block of HM Prison Barwon in Geelong at the time of his death.


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