Where Is Court Judge Aaron Persky Now As Brock Turner Completes His Sentencing


Judge Aaron Persky loses his job yet again. ( Source : instagram )

Former court judge Aaron Persky is making headlines once again after the swimmer who got favored by him in a sexual assault case becomes a matter of rage among women on TikTok.

He is apparently out in his native city doing his job but is found in local bars. It is unclear if it is due to his misbehavior with anyone or because of his past crime. Whatever the reason might be, netizens feel he should not belong in the public space.

Where Is Court Judge Aaron Persky Now? Political Affiliation

In 2018, voters in Santa Clara County asked for the recall of the California judge, Aaron Persky, who caused a nationwide uproar by giving former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner a six-month sentence for sexual assault.

An election was called all of a sudden where 43 percent of the county voted, 59 percent of voters supported the recall of Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky, while 41 percent opposed it. In 86 years, Persky was the first judge in California to be summoned back.

The campaign to remove Persky from his position was spearheaded by women who were angered by Turner's light sentencing and said he was unsuitable to serve out the remaining four years of his sentence. A recall, according to Persky's supporters, would jeopardize judicial independence and might unintentionally result in heavier terms for criminals with considerably less privilege.

After the successful completion of the campaign, Mr. Persky applied for the position of junior varsity girls' tennis coach during the summer and was hired after passing a background check that included a fingerprint scan in 2019. He attended multiple tennis coaching clinics for kids and has a good rating from the United States Tennis Association, making him a qualified applicant for the job. 

However, he was removed from this job as well. Change.org started a petition that day demanding that Mr. Persky be fired from his new position and accusing school administrators of explicitly and knowingly permitting rape culture to prevail. Hence, the district announced that he was fired from Lynbrook High School in San Jose.

In 2022, judge Aaron Persky is living his own life away from the media light. Twitter rememberers him time and again, wanting to know his whereabouts but all in vain. 

Brock Turner Today - The Sexual Offender Favored By Aaron Persky

Currently, Brock Turner is all over TikTok once again. Girls are warning each other concerning his frequent visit to the local bars. Facebook posts ask people not to permit him to go with a drunken woman.

Although Vice points out that it may be as easy as Turner having to re-register on a sex offenders' registry, it's not quite apparent why this is occurring right now. It's also possible that ladies Googled him after recently meeting him in a social setting. However, some have even started giving out his address and advising others not to get influenced by him.

Brocks Turner is leading a normal life today but his past keeps on haunting him.
Brocks Turner is leading a normal life today but his past keeps on haunting him. ( Source : usatoday )

In 2022, Turner will be employed with a cooling technology company in his home state of Ohio. He makes $12 per hour at his entry-level work and drives a 2008 Chrysler residing with his parents in Bellbrook, Ohio.

Turner's probation ended in 2019, but he will always be on the registry of sex offenders. Most analysts agreed that Turner deserved a more severe punishment than Aaron Persky gave him.

He may not have served as much time behind bars as some believed he should have, but his presence on the list of offenders will follow him around for the rest of his life.


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