Where Is Charleston White Today & What Happened Between Him and Nipsey Hussle?

Charleston White ( Source : Worthycelebs )

Charleston White is a well-known American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, content developer, media personality, and Youtuber from Texas. This gifted man is well-known for his incredible YouTube videos. Apart from his various talents, he is also an extremely controversial individual who has not signed away from speaking ill about deceased celebrities like Nipsey Hussle and King Von.

Where Is Charleston White Today?

Charleston White is a contentious individual who has become well-known for discussing his background on social media and YouTube. White spent a lot of his teenage years engaging in drug-related activities that saw him frequently in and out of jail.

At the age of 14, Charleston White and his three companions burglarized a Foot Locker store and stole athletic clothing. They shot and killed the man who approached them. White said that although he did not fire the shot, he was still accountable for the man's passing. In 1998, he was freed from custody. After completing his adult rehabilitation program, he made the decision to alter his way of life.

Despite his criminal past, White has developed into a motivational speaker and is now a leader in his neighborhood. He founded and served as CEO of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE), an organization that works to educate teenagers and prevent them from turning to crime. He is an active churchgoer.

According to earlier reports, White was attending Texas Wesleyan University to complete his undergraduate studies in criminal justice. The 52-year-old tours the nation, imparting his wisdom and expertise as well as his tale of redemption in an effort to have a positive influence.

What Happened Between Charleston White And Nipsey Hussle

Despite a video of his purported apologies, Charleston White doesn't regret making jokes about Nipsey Hussle. The contentious social media figure claimed the apology was not even a new one and was thus phony.

The 52-year-old clarified the video's creation by acknowledging that it was created one year prior. In a brand-new video that was released on Sunday, August 14, he declared that the bogus Nipsey Hussle apology was from last year.

He added that he made those false apologies when we got to Atlanta and then laughed sarcastically. In the video, which was recorded in a car, he repeated that the false Nipsey Hussle apology was from last year.

Charleston, a former Crip from Texas, left the California-based gang after being pardoned by the family of the guy he murdered when he was just 14 years old. He was open about how he felt about Nipsey and other gang members.

Previously, the motivational speaker assaulted Nipsey. He also swore at certain deceased rappers connected to the aforementioned criminal gangs, quoting them as follows: "Death to all Crips and Bloods. Death to all GDs and BDs. May they all die like King Von. May they al die like Drakeo The Ruler. May they all die like Nipsey Hussle." 


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