Where Are DJ Envy Parents From? Details About His Ethnicity And Family


DJ Envy, an American disc jockey. ( Source : Thebreakfastclub )

DJ Envy is an American disc jockey from an African-American ethnic background. 

DJ Envy is best known for being a disc jockey. However, that is not the only thing he is good at. He is also a record producer and a radio personality.

Throughout his career, he has hosted many shows. He was one of the three hosts in The Breakfast Club alongside Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God on Power 105.1.

DJ Envy Ethnicity - Where Are His Parents From?

DJ Envy has appeared in many interviews and spoken about his ethnicity. Envy explained how people assume he might be Puerto Rican, Dominican, or Latino.

DJ Envy along with his wife.
DJ Envy along with his wife. ( Source : Urbanislandz )

However, none of them have ever been right. He is an African American. He explained that he always has to correct people on his ethnicity, and sometimes people get upset knowing he is not a Latino.

Envy explained that he is fully African American and has no Latino blood even though he looks like a Latino or a person who could be from Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic.

The disc jockey was born and raised in the United States. He holds an American passport and currently resides in New York City, United States. On September 3, 1977, his parents welcomed DJ into the world. Janet Casey is DJ Envy's mother. The Dj's dad is a retired cop. 

In an interview, Envy explained that his mother is originally from Virginia, while his father is originally from a place called Dominica. People often mistake it for the Dominican Republic. However, Dominica is a different place.

Dominica is located on a West Indian Island. His parents encouraged him to follow his dreams and assisted him throughout his early career. His parents are very proud of how far he has come in his career. Today he is a renowned DJ, and his music is popular worldwide. 

Who Is DJ Envy Wife?

DJ Envy has been married to his wife, Gia Casey. The couple were high school sweethearts and had been together for a long time. They decided to tie the knot in 2001 and have been married.

Envy is always seen attending different events with his wife. His wife Casey comes from a Chinese-Jamaican ethnic background. So both Envy and his wife come from mixed ethnic backgrounds. 

However, in 2020 news broke out of DJ Envy being unfaithful to his wife, Gia. He was seeing another woman who went by the name of Erica Mena. Envy put out a public apology to his wife for having an affair with another woman. Many of his fans were furious at his behavior. 

While his cheating scandal raised a lot of controversy and attention, the couple worked out their differences and are still together today. The couple is doing better than ever and has appeared in many interviews where they have talked about the incident. 

Who Are DJ Envy Kids?

DJ Envy's family recently got bigger in 2021 after they welcomed their new daughter, Peyton into this world. DJ Envy has 6 kids in total with his wife.

Envy's oldest child is Madison who is 20 years old right now. He has 4 daughters, Madison, London, Brooklyn, and Peyton. He has two sons named Logan and Jaxson.

They are a family of 8 people now and very happy. DJ Envy does not shy away from expressing the love he has for his family on his social media accounts whenever he gets the chance to. 

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